PlayStation Store Global Update 10/12/10

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NJShadow3020d ago

Sonic 4! Finally, judgment day has come! (Playing the demo now, so far, a bit underwhelmed.)

Sev3020d ago

Nooooooooooooooooooooo! (to the being underwhelmed)

Well, I'll just go back to playing Dead Nation.

Serjikal_Strike3020d ago


I want dead nation >:(

T3mpr1x3020d ago

Likely a review copy, the lucky bastard!

NJShadow3020d ago

It's weird, I think it has more to do with the fundamentals than the actual gameplay, which isn't all that bad. But it's only the first level, things may change. And I won't be like IGN with the "we don't like that the last boss is hard". LOL!

Taggart4513020d ago

Since when was Dead Space Ignition $10? They just told us yesterday on the Blog that it would be $5!

MGRogue20173020d ago

Still no Dead Nation...?

... F*ck. :(

jack_burt0n3020d ago

force unleashed 2 looks sublime................... it takes a dump on all the other multiplats this year it really does look stunning.

FalconR2893020d ago

Dead Nation better be out next week or else(shaking fist).

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