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Arguably the greatest pack-in title of all-time is WiiSports. Nintendo took a compilation of tech demos, put it in a box, and then bundled it with every Wii sold to consumers. The game was shallow, lacked depth, but was one of the most fun games for the Wii launch. Showing what the Wii motion control could do on basic levels, WiiSports was the game that made people interested in Wii and it compelled people to buy one, play with friends, family, and show it off to all those they knew. Sony watched the amazing success of WiiSports and what it did for Nintendo, the Wii controller, and this led them to create a similar concoction, Sports Champions. Nintendo and WiiSports created rather large shoes to fill, though. Did Sony create a title that will captivate hardcore and casual gamers or is this another failed attempt at creating the experience Nintendo has perfected?

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