Medal of Honor Requires Mandatory Install

When you’ve been and brought the brand new reboot of the Medal of Honor series you will still have to wait a little longer to play it.

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Quagmire3290d ago

Question is, does it actually shorten the load time, unlike the DMC4 5gb install which did jack squat, or the Modnation Racers install which actually manage to somehow make the game load longer?

Soldierone3290d ago

Answer is no. After the install, and during every boot up of the game, your greated with a 30 second to minute long load screen that you cant skip. This is just to load the menu to push go to online or single player, at which another 10 second load time is.

I honestly don't see what the install was for at all.

deadpoole3290d ago

Whats a big deal ... If I waited for whole effing year for game ... I sure hell dont mind waiting another 15 minutes or so while it installs before I can play game.

God some people are very hard to please.

Yeah It would have sucked big time, If I had to install game every time I wanted to play ... but its one time deal.

Anyway I prefer installing whole game on Xbox 360 ... so it stays quite and less wear n tear on lens. For PS3 biga$$ hdd, I simply dont see any reason for complain.

Soldierone3290d ago

The big deal is they are not needed in most cases. This game even has a long load time, even when you install it. The big deal comes when games like DMC4 do it and have no benefit whats so ever. Meanwhile games like COD, Uncharted, and other mind blowing games live freely without an install, or large install at that.

hoops3290d ago

for consoles when the install does not improve load times

MAG_SVER3290d ago

Perfect example Splinter Cell Conviction, that game takes for ever to load on my sys.. like if i quit & went to restart the mission.. holy crap man it feels like it's actually taking longer that without install.

MGRogue20173290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

Think before posting your comment please.

Installing the game will make loading times quicker & will improve performance somewhat as well.

AKS3290d ago

Load times during a game are what suck.

ShadyDevil3290d ago

That kind of sucks but it has become apparent with PS3.

hoops3290d ago

Difference being with PC installs, the game actually loads faster

ryuzu3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

^^ Not quite - PC installs are simply mandatory - there's no run from disc option (well for any major games) so there's no speed comparison to be made.

Personally, I like options - too bad some people don't....


ELite_Ghost3290d ago

depends on ur hard drive. I have a 7200rpm HD on my laptop and ps3, there shoudn't b that big of a difference.

wsoutlaw873290d ago

why would waiting 5-10 min put players off. Not buying it would make you wait a lot longer to play it

foss33290d ago

it's annoying to have to wait through some intro graphics. i hate that personally. ok it has dolby digital, cool, but i don't want to watch the whole intro every single time without being able to skip it.

in the cart days you could start almost instantly..

some recent 360/ps3 disc games must have quick load times to start (or press to skip intros quickly).. can you think of any? i guess at the moment right now i cannot.

Silly gameAr3290d ago

500 gigs and all the time in the world.

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The story is too old to be commented.