Game North: PlayStation Holiday Preview 2010 - inFamous 2

Dana from Game North shares her first-hand experience with the inFamous 2 demo. The Sony PlayStation Holiday Preview took place on October 5th at the Sony Centre in Toronto, Canada. Check out the full article for video footage of the demo.

From the article:

"inFamous 2 isn’t a game I would normally play at home, but the people I watched playing the demo seemed to be enjoying themselves. You once again assume the role of Cole McGrath, and at the start of this demo I found myself surrounded by swamp monsters. The swamp monsters were dispatched (and slowly, in my case) by Cole’s fists, and once I was finished beating everything to a pulp, I was instructed to follow a white limo."

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CrzyFooL3297d ago

Best reason to own a PS3 Hands down.

gta_manic3297d ago

Too many reasons(KZ3, Socom, Res3, LastG, LBP2, ect) for me to really just choose one, sound kind of fanboy but ya...

house3297d ago

is there are about a whole list of games why to own a ps3 and i really cant wait for infamous 2

Apotheosize3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

I really want to see this game branch out in terms of gameplay. Melee looks great, but their needs to be more moves and more enemy variety. Also more weapons, we've seen the lightning rod thing, we need more! Its nice to see that telekinesis type move, we need more of those moves which give a "wow factor". Id also like to see more variety in missions, there were lots in the first game but by the end you do each type way too many times. If they deliver on these things, itll be GOTY

SoSLy3297d ago

IMO: I dont like the "electric sword thingy", the way he swings and such. Ive always loved beating people up with my own two "electric" hands. Thats kinda the only thing I didnt like in the demo, I wish they would comeback to fistfighting and just create more interesting and mindblowing combos.

strickers3297d ago

The hand to hand combat feels faster and more reliable than the first game.The only downside is the brutal,fun finishers seem too few in number.It also make sense he'd augment his powers with a weapon like this.