Shovelware is good for the gaming industry

Don't you just hate all of these crappy shovelware games that are released at a rate of dozens upon dozens per month? Titles such as My Baby 3 & Friends (Nintendo DS/Majesco), Sled Shred featuring the Jamaican Bobsled Team (Wii/South Peak) and I Love Puppies (DS/Destineer) fill store shelves and soon their discount bins and clearance racks. The sad thing about those three is that those are just three of the half-dozen or more shovelware titles being released this week alone according to's new/upcoming release lineup. The thing is, for how bad some of these titles are and how much the majority of gamers dislike seeing them for sale (let alone being played), they are ultimately good for the industry.

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Quagmire3291d ago

Yea, i suppose Xbox 360 needs some games too.

*puts up shield*

Marcus Fenix3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

all systems got shovelware, loooooooooooooooooooooooooool at My Baby 3.

FragGen3290d ago

Articles like this are a great example of why Blogs are a double edged sword. Not only does this guy have no data to back up his claims he doesn't even form a logical argument. For the most part, he simply makes a couple of blind assertions and then draws a conclusion based on things he made up. Completely and utterly moronic.

tunaks13291d ago

they fund the companies bigger games

MisterAV3290d ago

maybe good for industry but not always for people

not everyone know this and many casual gamer buy this kind of game and after they stop buying at all.

see data design interactive games...

Tuxmask553290d ago

Maybe it can be good for gamers, though. After all, how can you expect somebody to find that diamond in the rough video game if they don't spend a buck and buy a shovelware-type game every now and then.

Besides, if they don't like it there's always eBay to get (most of) their money back because odds are that there is somebody else out there who the game appeals to.