What We Think : Sony's PSP 2

GamerGeekFeed Writes : With many rumours and speculations being posted across the internet suggesting that the PSP 2 is in fact real but will be a portable gaming machine with cell-phone connectivity similar to the iPhone. We here at GamerGeekFeed are going to give our open thoughts on Sony’s PSP2.

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Malice-Flare3297d ago

Monster Hunter PSP, a touchscreen and dump UMD in favor Pro Duo Media. then price it at $179 and call it a day...

android compatibility won't hurt at all...

IrishYamato3297d ago

They should also give us 3G/4G connectivity to download PSP games. To be honest though, if the PSP2 is as powerful as i think, then i really wouldnt care if it was backward compatable or not.

despair3297d ago

no touchscreen, I rather 2 analog sticks than a touchscreen, at least for games but touch screen for navigation would ok.

ThanatosDMC3297d ago

^Sold! If they did that...

golsilva3297d ago

if there is a google sony partnership on the psp2 that would be amazing.

Fatal Blow3297d ago

All i want is two analog sticks and powerful enough to play ps3 games like
now that would be amazing and i don't want no digital crap mini bd will be fine

Horny Melon3297d ago

3G/4G connectivity it won't do nearly as well as it could. You give consumers a $200 with two year contract machine and everyone will be happy. Touch screens are gimmicky. Two nubs, keyboard under slide upscreen. Think smart phone meets psp. Worried about size? Check out the monster the droid x is.

PirateThom3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

That's all well and good, but I don't want a contract attached to it. I already have a phone, I don't need any gaming device to be a phone. Not to mention, if I'm in contract, it's instantly eliminating me from ownership since an unsubsidised cost will be a lot higher.

SexyPrawns3297d ago

Agreed. Thank you. I'm not leaving my iPhone and $200 worth of apps for this.

Enate3296d ago

that a touch screen and two thumb sticks can not co exist. For one limiting yourself is just asking for features to be left out. An no one said anything about needing a contract. You just want it as a PSP2 fine you can use it as such. Though in tandem with google if you would like to also activate it as a phone . You can and your psp opens up to the android market place on the go along side the newest droid os. With the ability to be with any carrier but if only one to start I'd say Verizon, a huge network and strong carrier for HTC/Droid phone sales.

The one thing though about the two thumb sticks that interest me. Is if anyone has actually thought about how you would hold this device. For instance think about the way you play with two sticks on the DS3. Its mainly possible because of the 4 shoulder buttons. I just don't see the psp2 having 4 shoulder buttons among everything else. Though I'm sure Sony will make everything workout. Android/PSP2 is a brilliant idea though, you get the Android market place, touchscreen, phone and everything else you expect the psp2 to offer.

If done right it will be the only device I will ever need anywhere I go. The biggest mistake in this article is talk of Sony doing their own market place. it took android this long to get where they are and they will only get stronger. Build a relationship with them and crush the competition.

Horny Melon3292d ago

gaming system, is your thumbs are taking up display real estate. It has nothing to do with them co-exsisting. But if you have thumb controls and buttons what exactly do you need the touchscreen for?

nevin13297d ago

i don't really get the push for PSP2 to be a cell phone unless Sony is going the 2 model route. I think touch screen is overrated but i'll accept it. But i hope Sony don't replace the buttons with touch screen like iphones.