New Too Human Screenshots

The Silicon Knights have just released three new screenshots of what looks like poster art for their upcoming 360 title Too Human. They do look pretty awesome so we thought we'd show you them.

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DJ5391d ago

But too bad the in-game footage doesn't live up to the screenshots they keep releasing.

Eternal E 8085391d ago

shouldnt even talk about 360 games living up to somthing.

DJ5391d ago

can talk about PS3 games living up to something, what's wrong with saying that titles from other platforms should live up to their screenshots as well?

Eternal E 8085391d ago

because mostly all the games on the PS3 was BS and never will live up to its pre-rendered videos shown at E3,05.Truth!

5391d ago
ACE5391d ago

one other thing why do you make comments on video footage that is 3 months old?...

why dont you compare it to the ps3 game lost kingdom now that is a joke mate considering lost kindom is further in development then too humanand too human looks better lol

DJ5390d ago

That's been in development for something like 9 months, maybe a little bit longer. They built their engine from scratch, and they completely changed the art direction of the game after GDC. They also make PSP games!

Silicon Knights did Twin Snakes!! And yet you expect a PSP developer to suddenly rise up to that kind of greatness? Seriously, wake up. Too Human has been in development since the PS1 era, and was even intended to release on that system. This is the team you should be expecting more of.

And why even compare Too Human to Untold Legends? That's like comparing Heavenly Sword to Kameo.

XboxKing5390d ago (Edited 5390d ago )

I say you guys stop fighting and let the game come out, and see who's right & worng. BUT I do know something you guys don't ;-)

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pRo loGic II5391d ago

This games going to be great, even that rushed version they showed at E3 2006 looked good on an HDTV with 1080i, the lighting was bad ass, it does look funny on a standard TV; but you see where they're going with the game on a High-def set. once they work out the Animation and fine tune the graphics the game will become an sleeper hit. I watch the trailer ever other day and only a fool would think this game won't improve 40% from the E3 show. It was a risk to show this game with a rushed build but in the end the finnal built will be top notch.

pRo loGic II5391d ago

If this games does not look like this ingame-play when it launches i won't post on this site again. This game will clean up alot now let these old pics burn in you're mind so you know the difference