E4G: Bulletstorm impressions

E4G: Bulletstorm was easily the most eccentric shooter at the eurogamer expo, shunning the more serious tone that the likes of Medal of Honor and dead space 2 have and instead choosing a more comical theme, where players are rewarded for making sadistically inventive kills as opposed to your bog-standard headshot.

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shepowy3293d ago

This game looks totally nuts, in a good way. As long as the action doesn't get too repetitive and there are plenty of guns and ways to kill goons then all shall be fine with this game.

jazzking20013293d ago

sure do want this game

CovertGunman3293d ago

Bulletstorm continues to impress me every time I see it.

Hitman07693293d ago

this game looks interesting, but not enough.

i think epic games is hyping this up and it won't be as good as it seems. but if you enjoy it more power to you, to each its own.