Ace Combat 6 Reveals Multiplayer Modes and Downloadable Content Details

Ace Combat 6 features these online multiplayer modes:

* Battle Royale: Free-for-all dogfight for up to 16 players.

* Team Battle: Up to 16 players divided into 2 opposing squadrons.

* Siege Battle: 2 teams compete to accomplish objectives: destroy vs. defend land, air, and sea targets.

* Co-op Battle: Up to 4 players compete against computer-controlled opponents in missions.

Ace Combat 6 supports these downloadable content:

* New Color Schemes: Mix, match and customize different colors, designs, and patterns.

* Super-High Difficulty Missions: All-new missions and enemy types.

* Additional Multiplayer Stages

Players will accumulate online points to climb up Ace Combat 6's online leaderboards. The top 100 ranked players will acquire one-of-a-kind titles.

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