Game Revolution - Medal of Honor Review

Game Revolution - In Medal of Honor, brotherhood is an unspoken bond of trust and companionship through acts of honor where failing to leave a soldier behind isn’t an option and risking one’s life for the fate of another is common. The idea of brotherhood created Medal of Honor’s storyline, and it is the best storyline I have ever played in a tactical FPS thus far. Just like any FPS fan, I too become overly ecstatic about this genre: I can talk hours upon hours about it, give you my critical opinions down to exquisite detail, and discuss creative and strategic ways to deceive opponents online. And so, I wasn’t expecting much out of Medal of Honor considering how popular titles like Modern Warfare 2 have already set a nearly untouchable standard for the FPS genre, and I couldn’t foresee any title that was able to compete with that.

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AKS3298d ago

MW2 has "already set a nearly untouchable standard for the FPS genre"? That's sad if that's the best we can expect from a FPS.

-Mezzo-3298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

you are kidding right, if you had said that about MW1 or Killzone 2 i would have agreed hands down, but MW2 was nothing more than an average FPS game.

AKS3297d ago

I didn't say it all, which is why that comment is quoted.

Sweeet3298d ago

It's not untouchable, but it is the best selling FPS in history and that counts for something.

MW2 has it's flaws there's no denying that and there is a minority that can't stand it. But when that minority tries to act like these flaws make it a terrible game, it just makes them look kind of ignorant.

I'm actually willing to bet the only reason most people say they don't like MW2 is because they get terribly frustrated with it. I say that because everyone I know who doesn't like it only says that because they suck at it, and they openly admit it. But then all my friends, for the most part, are down to earth and capable of seeing things as they really are. I too can get extremely frustrated with it sometimes, but if you can keep a cool head and tame the beast, there's an amazing FPS shooter beneath.

PrimordialSoupBase3298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

Far Cry 2 is the untouchable standard (for modern games anyway). Shame frat boy retards are too impatient to appreciate good games.

foss33298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

Far Cry 2 is one of those games for me that I've been on the fence about buying.. and recently I've bought other games on that list with regret:

Dead Rising 2

On the other hand I recently got into Dead Space. What a great game. I'll have to get Far Cry 2 when I see it around for a discount..

PrimordialSoupBase3298d ago

PC version is definitely ideal.

MGRogue20173298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

Well, I'm getting the game this Friday (UK) :)

foss33298d ago

I like that CoD exists. That makes the online environment a lot better for people playing Bad Company 2 and hopefully this game.

Frankly I have low hopes for MoH. I don't expect to play much online (since Fallout New Vegas is out next week) but I think I'll enjoy the single player.

It's crazy to think that in just a few weeks we'll have Gran Turismo 5 however. All gamers rejoice (that own PS3s)