Player Affinity - Singularity Review

When Mark Quinlan played Singularity, Mark didn’t expect much. Mark expected another one-shot fps with forgettable characters, barren gameplay and a worse plot. While some predictions were true, many were not, as this game maintains a vibrant and engaging atmosphere as soon as you begin. Singularity provides us with a smattering of genre conventions and gimmicks, but manages to present each one with perfect timing and execution. The enemies are varied and force you to adopt new tactics, from teleporting phase zombies, to Russian soldiers, to E99 ticks that attempt to swarm you with sheer number. It’s actually a pretty good game and ends right around the time it begins to get monotonous (thanks to that kickass minigun).

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edoman203297d ago

This game is WIN i dont understand why people didnt bougth it

Another victim of the COD discease