Kinect: Amazon UK no longer taking pre-orders

Following GAME who have sold out of their launch allocating Amazon UK also seems to be following suit.

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Immortal Kaim3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

If MS are artificially restricting the amount of units being shipped to retailers, it could actually create a sense of hype based around scarcity, similar to the Wii. Well at least that's what they would be hoping :)

Incase it is perceived as such, I wasn't downplaying Kinect's apparent pre-order sales, they may be huge for all I know?

Bigpappy3292d ago

I don't know how they would do that by limiting supplies.

sinclaircrown3292d ago

Earlier, everyone was saying MS is paying people off to avoid bad reviews of Kinect.

If you believe that, then holding back units would be counterproductive.

If MS really believes that they need to pay off the press, then they would also want to sell as many Kinect units on pre-order as possible. That way, they're sold and shipped before word of mouth can spread about wether its any good or not.

Anon19743292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

That's why Microsoft isn't shipping Kinect to reviewers despite it's eminent launch. Considering how popular Kinect is, I bet they're holding back those review units so they can instead get them into the hands of gamers. Otherwise gamers might miss out on the opportunity to play Kinect Sports or give Skittles a tickle!
Oh Microsoft! Always thinking of the hardcore gaming crowd that put you on the map. That's why we love ya! :)

R2D23292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

but now I think your one of those nutso's who wears a tin foil hats and belive the man is out to get them.

Why do you hate MS so much and why do you want them to fail?

Mustang300C20123292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

What? And that goes for everyone else that continues to bring up this damn hardcore BS. This is an option that "hardcore" gamers want and "casuals" want. Simply put, gamers want it. It has been shown off for the last two years from Good Morning America to Jimmy Fallon. The price was announced at E3 and it was fighting the number one spot and two with the 360slim. Clearly people are interested in it. Clearly "hardcore games will continue to come out. CLEARLY 360s are being sold that it is outselling the Wii and DS. CLEARLY gamers just want to GAME. If YOU don't want to give Skittles tickles then don't. Why do you and anyone need to repeat this over and over. Gamers put all the consoles on the map. Not a particular group that you want to claim did it. At the end of the day you can put yourself in whatever category you want but bottom line is your just simply a consumer.

How the hell does a company skimp out of having products available to the mass when they themselves are shooting for 3 mil and analyst actually think 4mil by the end of this year and we need to be concerned about reviewers? Funny how Sony came out and made it clear to us not to expect a big launch but don't have enough units for consumers? Sony is doing the same thing that Apple did with the Ipad and that was to take what they wanted to invest in the launch and hype it up as if it is REALLY sold out. People do want the Move and Ipad and consumers have been wanting Kinect.

People can figure out what they want or don't want. I don't need someone to tell me if a movie, book, porn or a videogame is good or bad. Can't you think for yourself? I wouldn't be worried about the reviewers either.

PimpDaddy3292d ago

Why do you bother to comment on these articles? It's obvious you are trolling due to some insecurity issues Kinect. Did Microsoft harm you in some way?

On topic: If certain stores and websites aren't taking preorders any more it means there is an actual shortage of product to meet demand.

commodore643292d ago Show
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ndibu3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Unsuprisingly because this is n4pscrybabies and right no cue, here come the tears and the excuses. Why are ps3fanboys(i'm already a self confessed fanboy, no need to point this out) so obsessed with KINECT SALES when they claim to not care about kinect or any sales articles? Wierd

sinclaircrown3292d ago

Its not like a shortage of PS3 slims would mean you can't go get a Playstation...

I know, you porbably know that, but you wanted to start a little fanboy argument..

kaveti66163292d ago

no need to point it out, no. but do we need to keep point out that you should shut the hell up?

-Alpha3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )


Maybe MS under-shipped but I don't see any reason to assume that it's a marketing ploy. When Move was in short supply a majority here said Sony underestimated Move. Maybe MS did the same thing.

I don't see the reason to be so suspicious. Not to say that you are wrong, but I find that people will jump to your conclusion just because they have a problem with Kinect as a product. Let's not assume the quality of Kinect will dictate sales. The gaming community on the internet really doesn't have power over the reality of sales. These products sell to the much larger casual audience, and if these people are showing interest in Kinect then so what? Don't be so surprised, and don't underestimate the casual audience.

Really, pre-order sales ultimately mean very little anyway, I'll just continue watching.

THC CELL3292d ago

Can someone also tell me what the game is at 1:25?

despair3292d ago

Its going to sell a lot i said it before and I'm sticking with that.

Kinect is a step back and travesty for gamers but we are not the target audience and as with the Wii being first with motion gaming and getting the non gamer, Kinect will now get those same non gamers who have since then stopped using their Wii. Kinect games could get 0 scores for all its titles and still sell millions.

I'm seeing Dance Central selling a ridiculous number of copies along with maybe the "sports" game(the one with the rafting and ball game). We may not see any point in buying it now or probably ever, especially considering the appealing titles like chid of eden will be very few and far between, but it will sell to those who just see no controller and get excited, meaning non gamers.

Imperator3292d ago

MS wouldn't underestimate Kinect. They've openly said they expect to sell millions while Sony specifically said that Move was a long term affair and that they didn't expect a huge launch.

My guess, is that MS did indeed send out limited supplies so that pre-orders could run out and create hype. Once release day comes, I'm sure they'll send the rest of their shipments

Nitrowolf23292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

I think people need to realize that Kinect is going to end up selling. I mean i am sorry immortal but that would be stupid like other have said MS plans to do 5million, i think this is just an indication that MS may not be able to supply as much to retailers to fill up all the pre-orders.

caring whether or not it sells idk, i bought MOVE i didn't buy it because other people were buying it i bought it because they had many games that prooved that the tech worked and also showed me that it could do hardcore. I was thinking of buying Kinect/360 but i will have to wait until i can see that they can offer me something better.

Si-Fly3292d ago

I agree mate, I bought move because it was cheap enough to warrant checking out. It's gonna take more than what's been shown of kinect so far for me to spend the amount of money MS are asking, hope they prove me wrong but I can't see any of the core games I like to play utilising it well ...

gamingdroid3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

I think it is ridiculous to believe any company would restrict the sales of their product to create some sense of hype. How many people here buy a product because it so hot it sells out?

I buy a product because I like what it offers and I think most people do to.

You can be in denial all you want, but the clues have all told you this all along:

- pre-orders have been high on for months since it appeared
- the gaming press has been talking about Kinect non-stop (good or bad)
- have you seen the smiles on everybody that tried Kinect? what about the amazement look on their face?
- couple that with SEVERAL retailers reporting potential shortages already
- the price tasting MS did earlier in the year when they denied the price, but retailers had it listed at $150. The darn thing still sold and MS kept the price.

But I'm sure MS with their conspiracy is restricting retailers from taking pre-orders! /s

I think it is pretty evident!

Immortal Kaim3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Trust me, my comment was not based on being a fanboy. I was saying that if they can create the sort of hype that follows the scarcity of a product, they may be onto a winner. Of course they don't want to flood the market with Kinect yet, they test the waters in regards to demand, and if in the process it creates buzz about the product selling out everywhere, all the better for them.

I am one of the furthest people on this site from being a fanboy, read my post history. :)

@ Nitro/Alpha
Thanks for reading into my comment more guys, in hindsight it probably wasn't worded correctly and did come across as fanboyish. Anyway. it will be interesting to see how well it sells, though I'm in two minds about it really...I'm not interested in motion control tech (I already have a Wii) anymore, and I'm worried that Kinect will become their sole focus if it succeeds. Are you guys optimistic about Kinect as a gaming device? Anything in particular you're looking forward to from Kinect?

Nitrowolf23292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

That makes sense, but i don't see that being as MS strategy here. They are more of a get in there quickly and try to get as much, not the wait and see type. I think that is more of what Sony was doing by shipping a small supply to test out the demand and then ship more right after.
btw does anyone know how MOVE did in japan? it just released there didn't it?

Edited: nvm its the 21st thought it was 11th

-Alpha3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

I'm not saying that what you are saying isn't a possibility. But I do think that it's unlikely/unproven and that some of the people who agree with what you are saying are just beating on the wrong horse.

Some people stubbornly refuse to believe that Kinect, despite however valid its controversial criticisms may be, could be a sales success.

Nitrowolf23292d ago

Honestly i have little interest until further notice. From what i have seen with Kinect, it really doesn't interest me considering i can do it for cheaper price. Until they show a game worth that actually utilizes it and is the thing i am hoping to see in it, i won't buy it. I mean if MGS Rising supported it i would def re-look into it. The star wars game is the only thing i can look forward even though they didn't show real gameplay of it.

Bigpappy3292d ago

I just disagree because, I think it would be counter productive base on their predictions. It is not a bad strategy to generate more interest, but I think it would be better to do that after the holidays. Right now is the time to sell as many as you can, not play games with supply.

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jjmustoe3292d ago

this is the end of Hardcore games on xbox 360
MS has abandoned the Hardcore gamer

LordMarius3292d ago

Only good thing that will come out of this is the prolonging of the next gen console, which is fine by me.

kaveti66163292d ago

Even though they are releasing gears 3, project kingdoms, fable 3, age of empires: conquest, and have released halo reach...

If MS abandoned the hardcore gamer, it was because the hardcore gamer abandoned MS.

How much fucking money did MS pump into getting exclusive JRPGs on its console. And no one wanted to get a 360, regardless.

People are stubborn. This is not Microsoft's fault. There have been plenty of attempts to bring games that are not shooters onto the 360. All attempts have failed, and the reason why is because people who have the same mentality as the ps3 fanboys you find on this site would rather post comments speculating the poor sales of a game they're interested in that's exclusive to 360, rather than actually buy a 360 and support the game.

A key example is Alan Wake.

What does the PS3 fanboy say? Alan Wake will flop because it's not a shooter? Guess what? If those same PS3 fanboys went a got a 360 for Alan Wake, then maybe it wouldn't flop, and then maybe the demographics who own a 360 would shift a little to being people who aren't only interested in shooters.

The fact is that Microsoft is reluctant to spend any more money on projects that have proven unsuccessful for them. And it's not their fault. People are not willing to look past the reputation. They want MS to fail even though MS once made an effort to get a large variety of games on the 360.

Nobody bothered, so now MS won't bother. And I blame the consumer.

PandemicPrawn03292d ago

Very nice comment.

+ bubble.

JsonHenry3292d ago

Well, just like the Wii (which I bought for my wife and daughter) I am getting Kinetic for my wife and two kids. They enjoy party games, and to an extent I do too, but I am just pointing out that though there are not many people on this site (hardcore gamers) that are really looking forward to Kinetic there are wives and children everywhere that will love the casual games.

With voice commands and using your hands as a controller doing things like browsing Netflix, arcade/game demos, and casual games kids and women everywhere will love Kinetic. While gamers like myself hate how my system is being hijacked by the casual.

Oh well, as long as they still make hardcore games I guess I don't really care.

AceofStaves3292d ago

I see a lot of posts about women loving Kinect, the 'soccer mom' effect, etc. Non-gaming women are much more likely to say, "but you already have a Wii. Why do you need this? Will your Mario games work on it?"

tatotiburon3292d ago

lol ms understimated kinect?? if they aming to sell more than 3m this holiday???

kinect is a succes, get over it ps3fanboys and move fails in the retailers, only facts!

niceguywii603292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Crap!!! I did not reserve mine yet I was going into GameStop on the 22nd. I hope I'm Not too late!!!!! You won't be able to get one until April if you miss out. LOL at these fanboys making excuses.

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wat6343292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Pretty soon a ton of people will get to the try out the beautiful piece of technology we call kinect.

@below hehe =)

Xbro3292d ago

Pretty soon a ton of people will get to return the laggy piece of technology we call dis-kinect.

Just pissing with you.
Good to see something that isn't a game selling out, even if it is limited shipping units.

Shanks3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Perheps Microsoft realized they made a mistake and canceled Kinect.

KMxRetro3292d ago

Perhaps you're a fucking troll.

Omega43292d ago

The most shocking thing about Kinect selling out everywhere is the fact that not a single ad has been aired yet.

wat6343292d ago

That is very true.

Man, can Microsoft really impress people.

THC CELL3292d ago

Enjoy your eyetoy, Noobs i have had it for years haha

The Xbox Empire3292d ago

Enjoy last place, you've been there for 5 years and will remain this this entire generation!

REALgamer3292d ago

I own all the consoles and enjoy Move, but you're just begging for a: "enjoy your Wii, Noobs i have had it for years haha"

SyphonFilter3292d ago

@rrodempire- ps3 is only 4 years old so how can it be in last for 5 years? also you're in denial if you think by the end of this gen that they will be in last.

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Bigpappy3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Have a quite launch to get the first adopters, like Omega and myself, out of the way. Then when the second wave is about to ship, have the ads and kiosk in every store.

Azerach3292d ago

The funniest thing is that theyve been running this "order now! there wont be enough for everyone at launch" thing for months now. If theyve known demand will be HUGE for this thing they could have, you know, bumbed up the production.

MaximusPrime3292d ago

Another one of those MS marketing ploy

Zir03292d ago

Like Sony and the PS3 Slim and Move, or maybe Nintendo and the Wii, or Apple and the iPhone 4 etc etc.

Yeah they could all be fake shortages or maybe they really are actually in high demand.

Bigpappy3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

I saw it at the Gardenstate Plaza Mall in New Jersey today. They had about 6 TV's with 2 moves each in the hall way in front of the AMC movie cinema. I did't have time to check it out,even thought only one of them was in use. I had too many repairs scheduled and it was too early in the day 11:00 for me to play around. The one in use was being played by an older guy (60's) and his wife was standing off trying to nug him to come on. It was hard to gage his excitement or lack of. What I did notice though, is that the weapons are huge. like 2x the size of the fighters. I will give it a try when I am in the area again. They had host on hand to show you how to use the buttons. I wish it were more crowded so I could see which demographic most appealling. I notice that I did not have that eagerness to run over and grab the move controllers. May be because I didn't think I had enough time to figure out the controlers. I will try it though.