Most Wanted Features To See On The PSP2

Back in July we polled 2558 PSP console owners to find out what new feature they would most like to see on the PSP2. The result was shocking; around 29 percent console owners like to see an extra analog on the PSP2. This provides you more controls and the ability to feel the handled console entertainment.

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crzyjackbauer3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

dual analogs FTW

they hydra processor is 4 times more powerfull than the original xbox
so i can only demand for ps2 classics

specialguest3292d ago

Even though dual analogs is an obvious one, I have this uncertain feeling that Sony might disappoint, and make up some b/s excuse to why they excluded it again.

DasBunker3292d ago

if they exclude dual sticks ill consider a 3DS srsly..

Swiftfox3292d ago

Be fair, I don't recall them giving an excuse for leaving off the second stick in the first place.

Remember the PSP is a Japanese console. The Japanese are uncomfortable with using 2 anolog sticks at the same time. We see examples of this throughout gaming.

Perhaps this translated into the design of the console. It obviously wouldn't be a missed feature to the east, though to the West it's painfully absent .

I personally can't see the second anolog being absent from the next PSP. Eastern developers and even Sony may feel the second stick is unessessary, though if they want to hit the western market harder than the first go around, a second anolog must be present.

ChineseDemocracy3292d ago

The 3DS has a pretty stellar lineup so far, I'm hoping Sony confirms a PSP2 release date soon.

akiraburn3292d ago

I think dual analog sticks are very probable, but the other huge feature for me, would be an HDMI out. As much as I love the ability of gaming on the go, I would also like the ability to display on a large screen, and through HDMI would look best. In addition, I'm hoping there is further expansion of cross compatibility with the PS3. Overall, I think my personal desired look and functionality of the PSP2 would be that of the Dualshock 3 controller, with an HDMI out and a nice size screen. That way, remote play would be viable with every single game, as well as cross compatibility with network games, and even PS2 titles would be possible. That's my thoughts on it.

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MachinaMaw3292d ago

Just package in everything please. That would be one badass handheld.

saint_john_paul_ii3292d ago

yea, but they cant make BS excuses any more. Nintendo beat the PSP with their DS sales wise.

they have no choice but to listen and rectify these issues with a PSP 2.

JLeVRT3292d ago

2 analog sticks, and PS2 b/c

FragGen3291d ago

Dual analog is absolutely make or break for the PSP2, IMHO. If they're going for the "high end console on the go" experience like they did with the original PSP, it will NOT be an optional feature on this go-round for consumers in NA and Europe, cross platform ports are just too clunky to map for both the developers and consumers.

If it has Dual analogs, it will be a DAY ONE for me. But, even as a HUGE PSP fanboy, I might consider passing on it entirely if they do not do dual sticks.

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IrishYamato3292d ago

Sony could add a lot of things, but for me the second stick is the most important. I expect 62 million agrees for this comment LOL.

JLeVRT3292d ago

61.995 million to go... or some shit like that...

SexyPrawns3292d ago

Why not all of the above?

It only does everything, like it's dad. It'd be great.

GoldPS33292d ago

No PS3 is it's uncle. PS2 is it's dad.

protekjv3292d ago

and PS1 the granfather....

EYEamNUMBER13292d ago

what are you guys even talking about?
the psp2 would be the son of the psp since it is the successor of the psp
honestly now...

JLeVRT3292d ago

PS2 is the uncle, the PSP's dad was the PS2.

PSP2's dad is the PS3

ZombieAssassin3292d ago

I figured more would want a second analog stick, if they just released a PSP with 2 i'd buy one all over again...although an updated CPU and GPU would be greatly appreciated.

Dylantalon13292d ago

i would love it if the psp 2 had a 6inch screen , 2 analog , L2,R2, touchscreen , 3g, 4g and is a bit more powerful than a ps3.

IrishYamato3292d ago

I am masturbating to the above comment.

SuperStrokey11233292d ago

ANd would you also like to pay 1k for it? Give me a break. You can want anything but its got to be realistic people...

GoldPS33292d ago

Powerful than the PS3! Not gonna happen. I'll be cool if it do but it'll cost too much. 2 analogs and touch screen is all I want for the PSP2.

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The story is too old to be commented.