Taliban in Medal of Honor: The Inside and Outside Perspective

There are some combinations that seem to go together almost too well together, like peanut butter and jelly, P.S. I Love You and Ice Cream and Electronic Arts and controversy.

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Matronedea3294d ago

PS I Love You goes better with chocolate. Or whiskey. Maybe Murphy's, that would be fitting, yes?

CrzyFooL3294d ago

Yeah, the only people who are mad about this are NON GAMERS. Gamers just play the game and see it as two teams. People on the outside are the ones who get offended. We just want to frag, we're not being trained to kill American troops.

Sandwich Bender3294d ago

It's really true. The Taliban could be replaced with The Simpsons and gamers would accept it and boil it back down to the "opposing force" mentality.

Nostradavis3294d ago

I love the [opposing forces] but hate the [opposing forces]. Wait. Damn censors.

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