1UP: Medal of Honor Review

1UP: "Major game publishers still seem unwilling to fully tackle the events, interpretations, and consequences of America's most recent set of military conflicts, but while EA bowed to mounting pressure and removed the word "Taliban" from Medal of Honor's multiplayer suite, the terminology remains an integral part of the campaign, which bears a more realistic tone than most other modern shooters. Unlike the ill-defined locations and allegiances in some other genre entries, Medal of Honor's intense firefights take place in Afghani cities you've likely heard of, and indeed, your battle is waged against the clearly-indicated Taliban."

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MrMccormo3291d ago

A solid score for a non-Halo, non-CoD shooter, I'd say.

multipayer3291d ago

non-CoD shooter isn't exactly what I'd call it..

kaveti66163291d ago

yup. it's a clone. why should anyone buy a game that is only meant to delay the success of another game? it even looks like cod to me. black ops looks like a better game with more fun multiplayer modes than medal of honor, and i hate cod.

bviperz3290d ago

MoH is based more off of 'skill' while CoD is based off of 'perks'. MoH is more team oriented while CoD is more lone-wolf oriented. So saying MoH is a clone is wrong. It's more BFBC:2 in a smaller map.

EVILDEAD3603291d ago

Finally a good review...

This game got pummeled by IGN..but we will see what word of mouth does for sales


mugoldeneagle033291d ago

Yesterday there were a bunch of 8's, and today I've read 1UP & Kotakus reviews and they both liked the game.

I'll gladly take a 7.5-8 for the first entry in a reboot series. That's not bad at all.

Shackdaddy8363291d ago

IGN always has biased reviews towards games that go up against CoD.

Dont believe me? Look at the BC2 review.

Dazel3291d ago

what EA was after! The beta was garbage, won't be bothering with the full game.

finbars753291d ago

The beta was garbage.plzzz the game is sweet as f$%k and your going on about the beta.Your an idiot.I have been playing this game and it lives up to the authenticity and hard work they put into this game.Its nice to see that MOH can swim with the big sharks now and the next MOH will only get better and show that theres more room for fps without it getting full.Good job Dangerclose and Dice and play the finished product before going on about garbage asshole.

DavidMacDougall3291d ago

Same these reviews plus that beta and lack of content makes it a pass for me, disagree all you want 2 weeks till new fallout.

Faztkiller3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

I loved the BETA and a lot of the reviews say the SinglePlayer is good so I'm going to pick MOH up later

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