4.9 Final Fantasy XIV Review

Final Fantasy XIV offers the potential but for now, it's lacking in too many areas to recommend. In months to come, Final Fantasy XIV might well make it. Looking at Final Fantasy XI, I suspect Final Fantasy XIV will have its place. For now though, it feels like a work in progress. One that's tough to recommend.

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darthdevidem013298d ago

Oh what a screw up.

This is the first Final Fantasy seen as bad by critics and the majority of the gamers.

Thank the lord its a MMO and 80% of FF fans didn't care about it.

My friend is extremely disappointed with it, he actually cried

Homicide3298d ago

Is it Wagram?

I just can't help but laugh at the scores FFXIV is getting.

This copy-paste video never gets old:

darthdevidem013298d ago

No a friend in real life....though Wagram has been disappointed too majorly

Who are you?!