Dead Space 2 Will Be Scary

Dead Space was scary. Whether it was the eerie quietness or the disturbing monsters, Dead Space delivered. But in recent trailers and gameplay footage, Dead Space 2 has look kind of “actioney”. Don’t fret for Kevin Kimball, a product marketer of Electronic Arts, says,”The horror is there”.

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awiseman3290d ago

thats like saying call of duty will be violent....

ShinMaster3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

Sillent Hill 2/3 eerie with a sense of vulnerability- scary?
Things popping out/Dead Space 1- scary?

Quagmire3289d ago

umm, dead space had the both, lol?

ShinMaster3289d ago

Yeah, lol.
Dead Space had good atmosphere, but also more fire power though.