EA dives on Medal of Honor reviews

If you thought reviews are meaningless, that they don’t really effect the real world, think again.

A Reuters press release shows Electronic Arts shares dropped by 6% today on the Nasdaq, following the release of Medal of Honor and more importantly the reviews it was receiving. The reviews are not all bad, but are generally not that great either and the game is a victim of “weaker-than-expected reviews on its launch day.”

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Liamario3289d ago

Basically, EA knew the game wasn't good enough, so instead of delaying it, they decided to hype the hell out of it in the hopes that people would fall for it.

They didn't.

r0gueZA3289d ago

ye, but surely if the reviews came out great, people would have still bought the hell out of it.

Fred-G-Sanford3289d ago

Letting DICE handle the multiplayer was a big mistake, in my opinion.

RBlaze3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

Unfortunatley, I can't agree and disagree so did neither :P...

Dice created a magnificient multiplayer game with BF:BC2... Probably my fave multiplayer shooter in a long time. However, BC's control system was clearly NOT built for close quarter. It was slow and clunky which was tough to notice in the huge maps, but in the smaller maps of MoH, the control scheme and engine setup just don't seem to cope.

I think that handing it to Dice was a great move... But Dice made a mistake in trying to create a MW clone, and EA made a mistake in letting them, and not delaying the release to allow a few more fixes to be made.

Unfortunately, EA's lust for market domination means that they wanted an extra month to get a jump on BlackOps... All FPS gamers now don't get a game which could have been good.

solar3289d ago

that is the major problem though. buying shitty games tells developers they dont have to have any drive to do new things and innovate. if ill informed gamers keep buying a game because of the name on the box instead of quality, then gamers suffer. which is especially true for the FPS genre.

the FPS genre is dumbed down to where a 10 year old can pick up and play it and be quite well at it. why? no learning curve. perks for camping, cramped maps, 2 second re-spawn times to "jump back in the action" because, imo, a majority of this generation of console gamers want instant gratification, not gratification of outsmarting their opponent. you see it with guns with no recoil, AI perk bots killing enemies, ridiculous re-spawn locations behind an enemy.

maybe im being an elitist, old schooler when the day of the FPS was skill based instead of noob friendly. to succeed as a good player you had to push yourself to be good. almost like training :P

/rant over.

HOSe3289d ago

people are still buying this in droves though.

r0gueZA3289d ago

true, just a pitty so so reviews will kill its chances of competing with Black Ops

GoldPS33289d ago

Even if it did get better reviews, it wouldn't beat Black Ops.

4lc4pon33289d ago

I hate call of duty with a Passion but I have to Agree with GoldPS3 it wasnt going to Touch COD at all.

solar3289d ago

i agree with 4LC4PON3

but i pushing it even further, the worst thing to happen to the FPS genre was CoD4. CoD4 taught if you camp, you get rewarded, if you get killed you get rewarded with lame perks, cramped maps = good game play, no recoil = FPS standard, the MW series is an FPS joke.

raztad3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

EA itself is to blame. The goal was clear, to match or even surpass, MW, but IMO they didnt do enough to reach that goal.

The SP campaign has potential but by the looks of it, it is short, too linear and coop is not there. Furthermore the game runs at UE3 engine meaning 30fps top. I think 60fps is a must if any shooter aims to compete seriously for the CoD market.

bananasNmonkeys3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

This may sound stupid but I honestly believe if Bethesda market Brink properly it could be the next big thing, and I mean COD/Halo big.

NecrumSlavery3289d ago

Brink looks ok at best though. Early next year there's a lot of shooters that look so much better.

kaveti66163289d ago

technical details are not important.

you can't say that a game fails because it's 30fps instead of 60fps.

It comes down to fun and originality.

Medal of Honor is not fun to play and it looks too much like Cod.

Halo runs at 30 fps. It's fun to play and it's unique compared to these military shooters like BC2, COD, and now MOH.

MOH is competing in a saturated part of the shooter market. Their game sucks because it's not fun, it's glitchy, and it's unoriginal.

user8586213289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

Cant wait to play the game, sorry but I dont giv two sh*ts about reviews, after GTA4 (dog sh*t) and MW2 (dog sh*t), Mafia 2 (amazing game!!!) and Alan Wake (Amazing Game!!!) reviewers opinions mean nothing

TruthBTold3289d ago

well said my fellow gamer. I too could care less about the so so reviews this game is getting. I had a 20 dollar coupon from Kmart from when I bought Fifa 11 so I only paid 40 for this game. We have frontlines also, bonus, and most importantly I was interested in the game. If others arent, to each their own. I am not expecting the second coming of Christ. Just a game that will give me some enjoyment. Thats why we play games right?

divideby03289d ago

all you had to do was play the dreadful beta, realize EA is involved and you could easily see this game was a 8 or lower

The_Zeitgeist3289d ago

@ divideby0 - So by your logic then, we all should have assumed Dead Space was garbage and never given the game a chance.

4lc4pon33289d ago

Yeah Dead Space was Great

tunaks13289d ago

while a agree this game doesn't look goodm
since when is 8 a bad score?

TheLeprachaun3289d ago

What? EA have published some great games in recent years.

Dead Space, Mirrors Edge, FIFA 11, anything from Bioware, Need For Speed, The Sims etc...

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