World of Warcraft 4.01 Patch – Class Changes Detailed

Patch 4.0.1 will bring about major changes to all World of Warcraft classes, including sweeping talent tree revamps, altered spells, and improved abilities.

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aselah3290d ago

I love it! Anything that can make me nuke harder is good for me. I like the additions of the new races too.

Pennywise3290d ago

Nuke harder, but from what people are saying is that DPS will have to be more aware of aggro. Tanks aren't holding aggro like they used to.

Chris3993290d ago

No more face-rolling, especially in dungeons. I welcome this, but you have to wonder how the spoon-fed, wingeing masses who account for the bulk of the WOW audience will take this change.

I expect them to scale back the difficulty after Cata launches when they realize that their audience can not play the game that they designed.

Perjoss3290d ago

I do miss the days when even in a 5 man crowd control was a must, people would actually wait until the rogue moved in for a sap or the mage polymorphed. I dont like the fact that there are 2 key class types and the rest is just 'damage'.

Game is just too easy these days = boring, when something is hard to get the reward is ten fold.

Pennywise3290d ago

Well, I am a warrior tank and I am looking forward to the changes... I quit about 4 months after BC released. I came back about 3 months ago and there is no more finesse.

Tanks just AoE tank - Which is ending with Cata. I haven't seen a single poly from a mage unless it is a NPC mage casting it. Warlocks don't seduce or fear... All classes have basically lost their roll and have been noobafied.

I am ready for the skills to be pumped back in, but I have a feeling that all of the good players will be frustrated with the noobs they are forced to run with.

Back in vanilla, I always felt like I was just a better player than most - Because I WAS! But now, peoples skill is replaced with gear and stam(tank). Skill is not involved anymore...

Here's hoping for some of the changes coming! :)

Raf1k13290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

Completely with the three above. I think it's a good change back to the way it should be but there'll be a lot of people crying about it.

Since I started playing again I noticed that nearly all boss encounters are simple tank 'n' spank encounters with very little to no tactics required.

Spinal3290d ago

I also like that WoW Cata is gonna be much harder. Challenge is good. I'm going to enjoy seeing the easy mode lovers whine an complain about how hard WoW is lol.

All those rage quitters wont last in Cata when wipes are happening in 5 man normal mode dungeons.

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Pennywise3290d ago

Raf1k1, Blizzard got lazy with WotLK. Their idea of boss tactics go as far as:

1) DPS
2) Stop DPS
3) Move here
4) Move there - DPS
5) Stay out of stuff on the ground.
6) Tank taunt at X amount of buffs
7) Beat boss before x amount of time

^ That is garbage compared to the knuckle grinding we did back in the day for MC, BWL, AQ.... All of the areas use the same textures as something else. It is just a very lazy job and I expect more out of them for Cata.

We will see. I can't wait to point my finger at all the dead weight that has skated by with no skills for the past 2 years.

dagamdagee3290d ago

Nothing for Mages? I guess that's a good thing.

Chris3993290d ago

This list isn't complete. They also did a nice little UI fix for casters: all of your portals are now hotkeyed to one opening icon, sort of like totems. Same for locks and summoning too.

Apparently Power Auras or some blizz variant of it is permanently in the game now too, which is awesome.

CrzyFooL3290d ago

Blizz takes all the best mods that people use, steals them, puts them in WoW, then gives no credit to the original developers.

jaredhart3290d ago

Have you played it? I was into it for a little while.

vicious69833290d ago

No I haven't. I understand the importance of the game and why people like it. The genre is just not for me. I like to play a game for a bit and move onto the next.

Shuklar3290d ago

Don't knock it till you try it. Sort of like ass

KillerPwned3290d ago

Yeah don`t mean to hit on the people that love it but something about this game i just hate. MMO`s are ok but this one tried it i just hate it. I really miss Warcraft 3 tho. Gotta go back and play that again.

CrzyFooL3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

I have had enough of WoW. After the complete and utter disappointment that was Wrath of The Lich King (Except Ulduar) I refuse to buy into their latest nonsense.

Also, Hunters not needing ammo makes me lol. God forbid anyone has to DO anything anymore like buy supplies. You don't even have to travel to instances anymore, you can fking teleport there from a menu!!

World of Casualcraft!!

ok, I'm done ranting . . . anyone want to buy my Paladin? he has Shadowmourne. :-)

Stunt3290d ago

WoW = no, no for me. I don't do MMOs as of yet but Guild Wars 2 certainly looks promising.

KillerPwned3290d ago

Yeah really looking foward to that no monthly fee`s :)

Spinal3290d ago

You sir, make me laugh. If you don't 'do' MMO's then your certainly not going to like Guild Wars 2 cause its not going to be like a FPS, RTS now is it? Its an MMO an its not gonna be any different from the rest of the Genre.

I for one look forward to Guild Wars 2, i currently play WoW an its awesome an deserves its success. Hopefully Guild Wars 2 delivers so far the gameplay looks great.

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