Fat Characters in Gaming Are Usually Healthy

America has an obesity problem. More people are becoming overweight than any other time in history because of unhealthy food being under-priced and available everywhere. According to games though, anyone who is fat is basically invincible!

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Hokulani3290d ago

Try "The Sims 3" coming to Console, or Fable II! Fable III soon! :) Only games I could think of where unhealthy characters can become overweight!

Viper73290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

Human can have fat and back a lot of muscle, usually the "big" characters in fighting games are just like this. For instance many power lifters look "fat" but they still back heck of a lot muscle to counter that. They are just in almost endless "bulking" phase.

Having that high weight might not be healthy, but that doesn't mean I would pick a fight with one.

Japanese people also seem to think muscle weights nothing and fat weights 2 times more when its actually the opposite. Chrish Redfield? 90kg? In my *** more like 110kg. Ryu 70kg? like hell he is more like 100kg at least.