Warren Spector and John Vignocchi on Disney's New Gaming Focus

Hanging out at Disney Interactive's Comic-Con booth over the weekend, I got the distinct sense that the company's going to be focusing more than ever on video games, starting with the new TRON games and Epic Mickey. The former are part of Disney's "first big transmedia" strategy, according to TRON: Evolution Development Director John Vignocchi, while Epic Mickey's developers have been given huge amounts of freedom to explore Disney history. Both represent Disney's increased interest in making games an integral part of the company's brands, and with Warren Spector on board, there's hardly any way the strategy can fail.

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joeyda3020d ago

Spector is a cool dude. Definitely open and seemingly easy to talk to.

crunchychocobo3020d ago

Now I'm even more excited about Epic Mickey and future Disney video games.

VTHockey4113020d ago

God I love Warren Spector. Deus Ex. 'Nuf said.

acronkyoung3020d ago

This almost makes me want to become a Disney nerd. If I was one, I would be ecstatic about the fact that they seem to care about making awesome games now.