Crysis 2: 'It delivers absolutely'

CVG: Sadly, they're just going to have to wait; until March 2011 to be precise. Which is a huge shame - because the way Crytek boss Cevat Yerli talks about it, it's shaping up to be something very special indeed...

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Lord Gunchrote3294d ago

It'll be interesting to see how the 360 and PS3 handle this game. I've seen some PC gameplay and its pretty damn good. I suck with mice and keyboards though.

Johandevries3294d ago

How can someone suck with mouse 'n keyboard?

Lord Gunchrote3294d ago

What a question. By not playing well with them?

iamgoatman3294d ago

I know a few people who after years of playing with a controller find it strange to use a KB + M for gaming, particularly using WASD keys for movement. I think it just comes down to what you're used to.

Psychotica3294d ago

Easy, because it's to easy to hit the wrong key. Gamepads aren't surrounded by other buttons. I work with computers all day long and have been for years but I still suck at FPS games with KB+M.

joydestroy3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

it should support the 360 gamepad on PC. most PC games do nowadays

edit: this was a reply to OP

NinjaAssassin3294d ago

I have mixed feelings about keyboard and mouse controls.

On the one hand the aiming is faster and much more precise than aiming with an analogue stick.

On the other hand using WASD keys for movement feels positively archaic to me. With an analogue stick you can move in any direction, not just backwards, forwards, and side to side. Pushing individual keys to move in distinct directions feels cumbersome if you are used to analogue movement.

I think a combination of both approaches would be ideal. Have an analogue stick in the left hand (something like the Move navigation controller) and then have a mouse on the right side to control aiming.

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BiggCMan3294d ago

crysis 2 is looking amazing. i cannot wait for this game!! the first was just so much fun. i love the open world aspect, and the nano suit, and everything! such a great game. 2 is looking very nice.

xino3293d ago

I played the 360 version...seems ok.

But I'm hoping for the ps3 version to use the ps3's power

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Dark_king3294d ago

I prefer the analog stick over the keyboard.Wonder if anyone could get the move Nav controller running on PC. So I could use it with a mouse best of both worlds.Devs could also allow that in there PS3 games.

nickjkl3294d ago

you cant say that around here pc elitist cant fathom that controlling a game with your thumb can be as accurate as your wrist

Chris_TC3294d ago

It has nothing to do with wrist vs. thumb.

On an analog stick you have about an inch of motion freedom with only one dead zone in the middle.
Try drawing a smooth eight on your screen with that analog stick. It's not possible because you will need to keep coming back to the dead zone multiple times to change the direction.

Redgehammer3293d ago

last console controller I was fond of was an Epyx 500XJ, for its day it was beautiful. That was years ago, since then I loved my keyboard and mouse, but now I love the 360 controller. It is the most ergonomically friendly as well as the most accurate console controller I have ever used (in my 35 years of gaming). Once I understood the relationship between my thumbs always touching the analog sticks (left thumb more than right) and success, I fell in love. Now, I could not be coaxed into saying anything negative about the venerable KB/M. However, I am convinced that the 360 controller has acheived parity with it in regards to accuracy. I say both input methods are viable methods in which to master, the sticks may just take longer.

NinjaAssassin3294d ago

Man, I agree with you. I just said almost the same thing in a comment above, but I swear I didn't read your comment before I made mine. Now it looks like I just copied you. ;)

I've actually talked about this with a friend before. We both like aiming with the mouse, but we don't like moving with the WASD keys, so we thought having a mouse in the right hand and an analogue stick (with other buttons) in the left hand would be the ideal setup.

Fishy Fingers3294d ago

Show me some Dx11 footage. Preferably played with a mouse.

spektical3294d ago

cant say until i have it in my hands.. crysis was average at best at gameplay, graphics wer nice though.

Chris_TC3294d ago

Gameplay average at best? Does the wave of people who never even touched the game ever end?

MegaMohsi3294d ago

So between the consoles there won't be much of a difference. Probably, I can't tell exactly yet but... probably you'll have some improvements on the PS3 for that matter, but this might be because of the Blu-ray itself. Overall it's not very noticeable. I think the PS3 and 360 version will be very similar or the same.

On PC, our key is that Crysis gamers can play Crysis 2 easily. But we also want to be sure that we're pushing the boundaries of Crysis 2 as well as PC - but I can't say more on that topic.

The technology itself was difficult for us to get onto consoles, but I think we're at the point that we not only went to consoles but also push beyond that bar of the PC game on the consoles, and also benefit from the console technology on the PC as well. Through the goal of getting on 360 and PS3 we've further optimised our PC experience as well.

Shaman3294d ago

Maybe the textures will be better on PS3 duo to blu ray and their streaming technique.

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