PlayStation Plus Update: 12 October 2010 - Free Fallout DLC and Killzone 3 Beta

Official Playstation Blog writes "With James Thorpe still on holiday, I’m here, once again, to update you on what we have planned for PlayStation Plus subscribers."

"many of you have been asking what time you will be able to download the Killzone 3 theme that grants access to the Killzone 3 beta to the first 10,000 SCEE Plus subscribers who download it. We have been discussing which time is best for everyone and we can now confirm that it will go live in the EU PlayStation Store at 8pm in the UK, 9pm CET and 6am in Sydney, Australia on 13 October"

"we have teamed up with Bethesda Softworks to make all of the Fallout 3 DLC available to Plus subscribers for free"

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Squall50052926d ago

All Fallout dlc for free and chance to get access to the Killzone 3 beta.

Playstation Plus is definitely starting to feel like it's worth every penny.

divideby02926d ago

Yea.. .didnt join yet, but its starting to get interesting

AndrewRyan2926d ago

It's Europe PSN+ subscribers only. Read it up before you speculate and get people's hopes up.

ChineseDemocracy2926d ago

Hey just wondering, is the stuff cumulative? Like if I were to join today, would I get the stuff from months 1 - 4, or just month 4?

Chubear2926d ago

and this is only month 4. What awesomeness do you think could be offered for PS+ members when this thing is now solidly implemented in month 12 or 24 or 36?... you get the picture.

HSx92926d ago

u mean it took 4 months to actually give us something we want.

MikeGdaGod2925d ago

speak for yourself, i've been getting things i want since day 1

ForzaGT2926d ago

well the contents are certainly getting better

KillerPwned2926d ago

Hm be nice if Live did this then i would get Gold again. I`m loving PS+.

wicko2926d ago

Doesn't help me much, as I have the GOTY edition, even if this offer did apply to NA subscribers. I'm beginning to think this service targets those who are late to the party. The offers are great but.. I already own most of them. But I can see why it wouldn't work to offer brand new content. Still another 11 months to find out anyway!

Squall50052926d ago

And a big hello to the disgruntled xbox owner than disagreed with my comment.

This video is for you.

saint_john_paul_ii2926d ago

they sent out an e-mail to take a survey for US PS plus users today. I advise those to take it and express your concerns about the service.

TheHater2926d ago

I didn't get any email from them today

GodsHand2926d ago

I got that email, a few weeks ago.

mugoldeneagle032926d ago

Was hoping for the half off deal XBL got on the Fallout 3 DLC, but this works just as well, plus a "chace" at getting in the KZ3 beta, plus whatever stuff they have for November & December as well.

Signing up now

vhero2926d ago

Yeah 3 months package is cheaper than all the expansions combined.

raztad2926d ago

I paid a 3 months NA PS+ subscription to play AC:B and KZ3 beta, but those Fallout 3 DLCs for free are awesome. I might even renew my subscription for a full year if the content is this quality, and no just minis. Come on SCEA, wtf? get those DLCs, NOW!!!

mugoldeneagle032926d ago

I don't see why we wouldn't get them. With New Vegas a week away, I'm sure the deal will come to NA as well.

phantomexe2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

Thats great about the killzone beta but that fallout DLC isn't good guys.Listen to me before you all go ape shit. I picked up all this DLC for my wife because she loved fallout. The pit and broken steel were the only ones that would play right and this was on a PS fat and then later i tryed it on a slim. I guess there free so you can't go wrong but the rest of the DLC will crash your PS ,so plan lots of restarts. Bethesda never fixed any of it on the PS3. Besides that PS plus is well worth it.

vhero2926d ago

For people with the original game its a great deal. I got GOTY edition so no good for me.

Frenza2926d ago

also got the GOTY edition when it came out...

ReservoirDog3162926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

Hmmmmmmm, gotta work out the math here. Was just gonna buy FO3 GOTY edition. But I can get the regular used and get the dlc if I just get PS+. Which might* come out a little more expensive but I get the added worth of a lot of other stuff on top of it.

Hmmmm. An extra $10-20 and I get a year of free stuff.


Is there a deadline for getting the free stuff? Like could I get PS+ Nov 1 and still get the dlc?

edit: Ah, only Europe. Whatever.

Christopher2925d ago

That's a good way to advertise the new Fallout game.

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SuperStrokey11232926d ago

Is this for real? I hope to god that NA gets this option too

rekof2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

If you are new ps3 owner,.. PSN+ must really be a god send,..

I buy alot of stuff from psn,.. but it was still worth it for me ,.. I think I got way more content than I paid for ( mind you ,.. most things I already had,.. but it was still worth it,..

moparful992926d ago

I'm in love with the auto download feature.. My ps3 will turn itself on and download updates, all the free content, demo's etc then it will install and shut itself off.. Every time I turn it on I have something new and I dont have to wait for anything to download...

Megaton2926d ago

10 points for anyone capable of finishing Point Lookout on PS3. Buggiest, glitchiest, most crashtacular DLC this gen. It's a shame too, cause it's probably my favorite of the 5.

BannedForNineYears2926d ago

Wait wait wait.........................
What? ~_~
Why don't I have PS+ yet then?
Isn't all the Fallout 3 DLC combined the same price as PS+?

Forbidden_Darkness2926d ago

But if you have PSN+ you get more then just 50 dollars worth of Fallout 3 DLC :)