10 Upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusives versus 10 Upcoming Xbox 360 exclusives

GB writes: "The Battle of exclusives! Fan boys delight! Well the article is not about that. The article aims to take note that both consoles have some great exclusives in the pipeline, so that no party can say it’s a bad time to own a particular console or a piece of hardware sucks. Obviously you are entitled to say what you feel in the comments below. But trust me after all it’s a win-win situation for all parties and especially for a gamer like me who owns both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, it goes beyond that."

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FrigidDARKNESS3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

this article is nothing but flame bait. There a ton of ps3 exclusives hitting in january and february versud zero for the 360.

gameseveryday3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

That was really a quick read, you think you read a 6 page article so fast and you termed it as flame bait, at least read the introductory paragraph before commenting my dear friend.

DasBunker3290d ago

lol too many kinect games on xbox list.. and ME3 will be on ps3.

-Alpha3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

Well the article was stupidly put together. Uncharted 3 and Mass Effect 3 aren't confirmed. May as well put Halo 4 and Killzone 4 since they are as "inevitable" too. It makes no sense to use unconfirmed games.

Some of the 360 games aren't even exclusive. If the writer is going to try, at least do a good job and do some research before making a pointless list. It's not flamebait in the correct sense, but it is a topic that is known to entice hits. I just find the copy and paste methods of these lists extremely cheap and lazy.

pangitkqb3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

I really do think the PS3 exclusives are more enticing. Having spent years gaming on both PS3 & 360 there are some interesting titles on both sides, but I have never even heard of several of the 360 titles mentioned or they just don't interest me personally. In contrast, over half of the PS3 exclusives named are, to be honest, future purchases.

Secondly, Fable III, Xcom, & Mass Effect 3 are not exclusives; they are also available on PC. (And ME3 will probably be released on PS3 as well.)

Anyway, I'm not saying that Xbox is bad in anyway. There are many great times to be had on both consoles. However, as far as upcoming exclusives, the advantage is clearly Sony's.

Okay, I'm ready for Fanboy flames of death for having this opinion! ouch

darkcharizard3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
Kirby's Epic Yarn
Donkey Kong Country Returns
Epic Mickey
Goldeneye 007
Mario Sports Mix
De Blob: Underground
The Last Story
Dragon Quest X

... just saying.

Moentjers3290d ago


Those are great games but towards some audience I'm not belonging to.

But I certainly will try out Zelda and Goldeneye on my nephews Wii.

acky13290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

I don't think you've got anything to worry about with that comment. Don't worry, it was pro-PS3, everything's fine.

On topic: can't wait for some of those games... Resistance3, and Infamous2 are looking great. That's the first i've heard of XCom, looks brilliant, hope it comes to ps3...if not i'll have to play it on pc. Looks fun.

darkcharizard3290d ago

I take it you're a 60 year old man with a 25 year old nephew.

You can't "try out" Zelda, you have to experience it, spend hours on end figuring out everything about the game.... noob.

MrAwesome3290d ago

Mass Effect 3 is not an exclusive it's deafinetly coming to PC and very likely to PS3.

gameseveryday3290d ago

@ Alpha-Male22

You need to get you stats right.

Uncharted 3 confirmed:

Mass Effect 3 confirmed: http://www.escapistmagazine...

Between I am the author of this article.And read the 1st para before accounting this article as a flame bait.


bananlol3290d ago

Kirby's Epic Yarn makes me wish the wii did at least 720p. Still going to be epic as hell!

kaveti66163290d ago

" the risk of horrible Fanboy wrath...
I really do think the PS3 exclusives are more enticing."

what? this site is infested with PS3 fanboys, dude.

RBlaze3290d ago

An author who is probably paid to write something (cash or free stuff) doesn't know the rules on when you should use 'than'?!

PS3 seems to have a lot of nice exclusives! I am an Xboxer (no doubt my 'disagrees' are gonna fly by admitting that!) and I am a little worried about the lack of exclusive for the Xbox... MS is putting an awful lot of eggs in this Kinect basket... And I am worried that they are forgetting about the audience they have that aren't too interested in using it :(.

Ju3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

No Socom4 ?

If Kinect games getting there, where is (ex) Heros on the Move ?

Well, maybe you could have changed the article. Most PS3 exclusives vs. Most 360 exclusives.

Imperator3290d ago

Both the Ps3 and Wii have some awesome games coming out. 360, not so much. Other than Gears 3 next year, there's absolutely nothing worthwhile.

MRMagoo1233290d ago

crap article written by a crap writer enough said.

HolyOrangeCows3290d ago

Why is XCOM listed as a 360 exclusive?

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thrust3291d ago

and your comment is not :/

Masamori Sumimura3290d ago

i dont think none of us should be exited for generic kinect titles.

ForzaGT3290d ago

well at least they should be compared with the move titles

acky13290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

I don't know, that 'Rise of Nightmares' game could be really good. It looks like it will be very scary. If they get the controls right (i.e. not on rails, somehow) it could be brilliant.

Fighters Uncaged also looks good and is well suited to kinect.

Philoctetes3290d ago

Weak effort. Mass Effect 3 won't be a 360 exclusive. And when you have to list a bunch of Kinect titles to offset real games like KZ3 and The Last Guardian, you know you're scraping the bottom of the barrel.

No Way3290d ago

Kinect games are still.. yes, games.
Though, not what us on this site wanna see.

Ju3290d ago

Than he could add all those Move games in there, too.

Like, cough, Socom4...(sure thing, if you limit one side to 10, that's hard to achieve).


Now this is why I chose the PS3 over the XBOX... and while I get that I am missing out on some games I feel the great exclusive lineup on the PS3 is clearly its greatest strenth... while the online community leaves much to be desired. This is why I find this Article to be MISLEADING TO SAY THE LEAST! Firstly the list of Xbox exclusives is pretty weak compared to the solid AAA proven titles on the PS3... But more Importantly the fact that you only chose 10 exclusives... some not even in the works is just silly! WHERE IS RESISTANCE 3? Socom 4? Final FANT V.S? SORCERY? Agent? D.C UNIVERSE? FF ONLINE? Dead Naction? Kung FU LIVE? these are just some of the games that...from what we have seen so far... are more promising than half of what games you listed on the XBOX... I think you are trying to hide the fact that the PS3 has better exclusives and thats like trying to say that XBOX LIVE is just like PSN because they share most features... clearly a fraudulent statement!

gameseveryday3290d ago

I am the author of that article, and to be honest I am no fan boy. The entire point of the article was the show how excellent both line ups look. Why do you guys think in one direction?

Micrsoft's strategy is to promote Kinect and Sony is to promote 3d. There is something for every gamer out there. So be happy :)

Ju3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

Then reports what's on the plate. But you limited yourself by picking a number. 10 it is. You think it would overwhelm people if you'd pick all of them. Or is it, that on one side it's harder to reach that 10?

MRMagoo1233290d ago

Its the fact that he was scraping the bottom of the barrel enough as it was finding "exclusives" (i use exclusives very lightly here as some arent close to being exclusive) for the 360 so if he had to find more to compete with a bunch more ps3 exclusives he would of had to make games up.

actual_gamer3290d ago

Way to go, releasing an article like this after the 360 has released it's bulk of exclusives for the time being and the PS3 starting it's run again. Where was this article 6 months ago?

Ju3290d ago

Bulk of exclusives. What you mean? Since January?

MRMagoo1233290d ago

Bulk of exclusives lol name this bulk pls cos the author failed to mention a ton of ps3 exclusives just to make the 360 fail less than it seems.

PeterGriffinSays3290d ago

This got me tight. How dare they tack Polyphony Digital onto the end of the sentence after Turn 10. Turn 10 doesnt deserve to even be IN the same sentence.

frostypants3290d ago

I ignore right off the bat. They write at a 5th grade level.

punkpop1013290d ago Show
vhero3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

I agree this is nothing but flame bait nearly half the 360 games are not even exclusives! However this does prove MS want Kinect to succeed so bad they are practically only making kinect titles now (minus a few non kinect) trying to push it onto people so it will sell well as they will make a lot from the camera no doubt.

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Shanks3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

Gears of War 3
Project Kingdoms
Fable III - not exclusive :\
XCom - not exclusive :\
Mass Effect 3 - on PS3 too :\
Forza - Kinect title :\
Kinect Star Wars - Kinect title :\
Rise of Nightmares - Kinect title :\
Codename D - Kinect title :\
Fighters Uncaged - Kinect title :\

On the other hand:

inFamous 2 :)
Killzone 3 :)
Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One :)
Uncharted 3 :)
The Last Guardian :)
Little Big Planet 2 :)
Motorstorm 3: Apocalypse :)
Twisted Metal :)
Resistance 3 :)
Gran Turismo 5 :)

gameseveryday3291d ago

there are a few reasons to this. Microsoft are concentrating more on Kinect and Sony on more hitech stuff like 3d. Thats what I think anyways. What do you guys think?

UltraNova3290d ago

I think that an xbox only owner is screwed..Unless they really, really fancy themselves some Kinect jiggyly :p

mcstorm3290d ago

I agree ms are pushing kinect n Sony are pushing 3d tvs but of you look at the ps3 line up Sony have been talking about those games for over a year now where ms keep there games tight until a few months before release. I am looking forward to seeing what ms do with kinect because they are giving it some big backing where Sony are not backing move as much. I think next year will be a big year for both Sony n ms which is good for all us gamers out there.

DarkTower8053290d ago

Sony concentrates more on their core gamers. Also, having the most 1st party devs, and excellent relationships with 3rd party devs doesn't hurt. Even with Move, they made sure not to ignore the core audience, which was a very difficult thing to do, but they got it done.

maxcer3290d ago

well i think most of us bought a 360 4-5 years ago and picked up a ps3 as soon as the price was decent.

we can see the direction MS is going and we don't like it, at least we a had a good time with gears/halo and i know i got my moneys worth over the years.

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DrillaKid3290d ago

We can add FFvs13 to the PS3 list as well as Agent(assuming it exists).


Also the Author forgot:

White Knight Chronicles 2, Yakuza of the End, Sorcery for PS3.

ocnkng3290d ago

and since they included Kinect - Fighter's Uncaged, then of course Move - Fight Lights out and Time Crisis: Razing storm
pS3 has too much exclusives.

Pennywise3290d ago

Socom4 is missing too.

This list sums it all up. I'm done commenting today.

MrAwesome3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

And Final Fantasy Versus 13
And Upcoming Collections Sly & Ico(that's 5 games in 2 =p)
And Socom 4
And The Agent
And Sorcery

PS360fanboy3290d ago

I'm excited for XCom. The game looks promising so far. Too bad the rest of the Xbox 360 exclusives are a handful of Kinect hardcore titles which will most likely fail along with the forementioned peripheral.

sbizarre3290d ago

Gah! How am I going to afford all these great games! :(

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FiftyFourPointTwo3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

Fable 3 - not a 360 exclusive because its on PC
Mass Effect 3 - not announced yet.

PS3 wins.

@below: Stay on topic. Were not talking about sales here. Its games vs games.

FrigidDARKNESS3291d ago

just because the ps3 has a ton of exclusives coming out doesn't equal win.
there are a ton of texcellent third party games that are releasing that are better than first party games. To make a long story short all those exclusives are not going to push console sales.

Stealth20k3291d ago

console sales are irrelevant if they dont equal more games

GoldPS33290d ago

LOL when the 360 games can't compete with the PS3 games, 360 fans bring up sales.

TheOldOne3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

So what?? More exclusives games doesnt equal win?? Are you serious? Exclusives games literally define the console of choice.


Alan Wake was an amazing game, it didnt sell a lot/push a lot of console but its still a very good game.

Jeez. Is sales all you care about? As a gamer all you should care about is the games. More quality games= instant win. PS3 has more quality games announced than 360 so PS3 instantly wins. Simple as that.

The Wood3290d ago

but exclusives > multiplatform games

i bet you're well pissed about the NPD announcement....well pissed

GigaGaia3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

Gran Turismo 5 is here on the list. It will sell a lot of PS3 and the amount of PS3 it will sell will probably push the ps3 ahead of the 360 in sales.

This is without the fact they might do a GT5 PS3 bundle.

punkpop1013290d ago Show
vhero3290d ago

It's funny how people think the ps3 fanboys on here eat the 360 fanboys up but and vice versa. That's because both are just as bad and if you only see one side you are obviously only on 1 side of the fence with this. Each side has plenty of fanboys on N4G I mean goto any multi-platform game comparison article which is done by a lazy dev so ps3 graphics are slightly edged out (usually by opinion and shouldnt be a reason not to buy) and see the pure amount of BS 360 fanboys can come out with too, to the ps3 fanboys this place is like a warzone with us gamers trying to get a word in.

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KiRBY30003290d ago

with Mass Effect 2 releasing on PS3, it's a no brainer part 3 also will.

half of the 360 games on the list are kinect titles, how exciting! /s

cliffbo3291d ago

wow, look how they struggled to find 360 exclusives worth putting on that list

FrigidDARKNESS3291d ago

which is why i replied the article is flame bait and worthless.

Chubear3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

anytime someone wants to list exclusives coming up the following year it's always filled with games that no one knows or has seen and filler games that are mediocre but thrown it as filler and they'll still list multiplat games anyway talking about "well, 360 is getting exclusive 360mii stuff so it's kinda an exclusive" :/

Eg. ask what high anticipated exclusive games people are looking forward to on the 360 and you'll get a list similar to this


Kingdoms (coming to PS3 too but shhh, they don't want to hear this)

Project codename

Project darkhighway

Project Killer

Killa app project #4

Rare's unannounced kill app

Forza Kinect

ALL the Kinect games


Crackdown3 w/ DLC for CD2

unannounced killa app project from ms studio

tonnes of exclusive DLC for multiplat games

...The next Modern Warfare


I always assumed codename Kingdoms was Kingdom Under Fire2. If it's not then my bad and can someone show me vids or info on it.

..but if it IS Kingdom Under Fire2 they're talking about then yes, it's coming to the PS3... actually, it's on the PS3 right now... :)

visualb3290d ago

any proof or confirmation? just cuurious.

and IMO Kinect games don't count

if it can't be played with a gamepad, its not worth counting.

yourfather3290d ago

sorry no Kingdom Under Fire 2 PS3 version,at least not now

3290d ago
being_in_itself3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

Bigwheel - There's more PS exclusives than you listed.

Demon's Souls
Heavy Rain
inFamous 1/2
Heavenly Sword
MLB The Shows

for Xbox, we have:

Alan Wake
L4D (on PCs though)
Fables (on PCs though)
ME1 (had 2 and 3, lost it, also on PCs)

I mean, let's be real here. Xbox kicked the shit out PS for the first few years and was the place to be. PS is now where it is at and Xbox has lost its steam sssslllllloooooowwwwwlllllllyy yy - exclusive by exclusive. And I, as an owner of both, am frankly rightly pissed about MSs fad w/ Kinect. They've neglected addressing what has been causing their slow decline - that being no exclusives. Screw Kinect and all the money thrown to it and invest it in first party development. Now, I do think Nightmares on Kinect looks good but I'll never know b/c I don't plan on buying Kinect.

Now, I agree that its a myth, in a way, that exclusives are the end all be all as multiplats are sometimes better but, it'd be disingenuous to think that the exclusive line up is NOT the #1 defining characteristic b/w the two consoles. Whether PS3ers started this "plague", I'd actually be more inclined to say that Xbox folks started it, at least in this gen. But, this "plague" has been going on for ages and has always been the greatest thing distinguishing consoles in a given generation.

This gen - after exclusive games, its online and the feature sets.

vhero3290d ago

Project games?? you really gonna use that?? As your list?? Games without a name yet should never be used as part of a list of upcoming games.

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The Wood3291d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

cummon man

be fair

sony has the means to create more exclusives. MS cant throw money after timed exclusives like they used to. I dont even need to read this article to know what the results would be and by results i mean quality quantity and variety in favor of Sony

SexyPrawns3290d ago

*clears throat*

Are you aware how much Microsoft is worth?

Microsoft has shown time and time again that it has no qualms about shoving money into the Xbox division.

I'm not sure why they won't buy studios/developers.

The Wood3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

they close studios leaving the kinect friendly ones. If they really could of they would of. No company is dying here but no company is immune to the wrath of their shareholders, MS included. I really feel the hardware problems have stunted the xbox's growth through the money spent trying to rectify them. I just wish somebody would ask greenberg or whoever why they prefer to spend more on timed and dlc over studio upkeep. We all know what the gamers want even if they're too ignorant and shortsighted to see or admit it

vhero3290d ago

MS did throw money at Xbox in the past but with less people on Live than ever and MS focusing all its money on Kinect games aren't getting a lookin. MS still has to budget you know?? They won't go in it just to win a war. They are there to make a profit. There budget right now is being stretched by Kinect and Activision timed DLC..

Persistantthug3290d ago

Is Microsoft's games studios, XBOX 360, and the division that houses it has a budget too. Microsoft doesn't have an unlimited supply of money to throw at it. Microsoft's main source of revenue is WINDOWS and computer software, and even in that universe they are having a hard time competing against newer competition upstarts like GOOGLE and FACEBOOK.

The point is, Microsoft clearly has a limited budget or they wouldn't have closed down ENSEMBLE, ACES, DIGITAL ANVIL, FASA, and other good studios.

Because of this "budget", and because PS3's approx equal install base (buying exclusives would now cost triple of what it was back in 2006 and 2007), it all leads to the reason why XBOX 360 has fewer non kinect exclusives coming.

That's why games like Mass Effect franchise are on the PS3 too now.