HD Video: Two-and-a-half minutes of Crysis 2 gameplay

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Two-and-a-half minutes of Crysis 2, played here on a gaming PC at London's Eurogamer Expo. This video demonstrates just part of the single-player campaign; the level is that which was demonstrated at this year's E3 in June. Narration by Linford Butler."

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kharma452932d ago

Cannot wait for Crysis 2 :D

mjolliffe2932d ago

Great game, from what I've played, but its multiplayer mode had quite a bit of lag.

Gago2932d ago

and my pc can handle it

joydestroy2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

yeah me either! looks good and that was a 360 build. PC is gonna be crazy nice

edit: why do you see the guy playing on a keyboard yet at several places during the video you see a blue X???

playnation2932d ago

it was on a pc lol.

the input settings in this video are maybe for a pc xbox controller tahts why u see the icons, but using the keyboard works too.

Death24942932d ago

to listen to the guy in the video. It's usually the smoke and mirror trick they pull on you at these game events like E3, Gamescon, CES, etc. They usually allow you to map the buttons to a 360 controller while running on a pc. You can see a 360 but there's a pc underneath.

BioSonic2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

Halo: Reach will take up my time, so no time for this overhyped FPS

Kingdom Come2932d ago

Halo Reach is a fantastic FPS title, but it is not necessary to discredit Crysis 2, sure to be an incredible immersive title by some of today's most talented developers.

pedrof932932d ago

I cant take Halo for serius,i enjoy playing but its kinda childish isnt it ?

kaveti66162932d ago

You could say the same things about video games, altogether. I enjoy playing video games, but they're kind of childish, aren't they?

nskrishna22932d ago

i think you are underestimating Crysis

Death24942932d ago

why you have alot of disagrees. I love Halo:Reach it's a complete blast. I'll be picking up Killzone3 and maybe Crysis2. I just don't see how you got disagrees on that, i really don't.

xAlmostPro2932d ago

because theres no need to come into an article about crysis 2 just to omment declaring your love for halo:reach lol

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pwnd_of_lol2932d ago

Crysis always takes the cake for best game graphics. and Im glad because it's always been my fave game.

Death24942932d ago

this is why you only have two bubbles. But in that video(on pc), phew, that game looks good and running at a buttery smooth frame rate.

Kakihara2932d ago

Wow, true HD video of a guy playing on a monitor over the other side of the room.

Chris_TC2932d ago

No kidding. Direct feed or GTFO. At least don't call it "HD video" considering the image quality of the actual gameplay content.

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The story is too old to be commented.