GameZone: Medal of Honor review

"Medal of Honor deserves respect. It single-handedly launched the WWII-shooter craze 11 years ago, hooked PC gamers with Allied Assault, invigorated console shooters with Frontline, and then, tumbled into irrelevance. Trading Nazis for the Taliban, and trenches for modern battlegrounds is more than an attempt at a sequel—it is a complete reboot of the series, and a chance for redemption. But, effort alone does not warrant praise in our hobby."

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athmaus3292d ago

Medal of HOnor games are veyr boring...having liked one since PSX

TheSanchezDavid3292d ago

A bunch of people were picking this up last night at midnight at the GameStop by my house. I was the only one there to pick up Super Scribblenauts. XD I think I got the better game. =P

FakeKisser3292d ago

Thanks for the review, GZ. I was interested in reading up on this game, but I'm pretty sure I'll stick to Bad Company 2.

rezznik3292d ago

Haven't played a moh game since frontline on the ps2 and dont plan to change that anytime soon.

Thepro3183292d ago

i got the game i feel its 8.5

Story Pros
Great Presentation
Well Written Story
Decent Characters
Great Setting for battles ad ambushes
Good Voice Acting
Very Decent Graphics
Very dramatic moments
Story Cons
Scripted Ai
Ai sometimes do dumb things
Story Short
Mulitplayer PROS
4 Game Modes
Server Details how many players online and in each game mode LIVE
Decent Hit Detection
Very easy to get kills
Great atmoshpere of war
Decent Map Settings
Scorechain great addition for multiplayer
8MAps out the box
Multi player Cons
Lack of weapons
Lack of customization on a players character
Over powered by Snipers
Bad Rank Up system with each class

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