WTF?? The most hilarious quotes of Jack Thompson

Jack Thompson has unleashed a new wave of criticism - this time Medal of Honor was the target of his verbal attacks. Cynamite presents the most hilarious WTF quotes from Jack Thompson. Unbelievable but true: even the most ridiculous are verifiable by a source.

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Marcus Fenix3295d ago

can't this guy find something better 2 do with his time?

Nitrowolf23295d ago

he's old what do you expect?
but honestly
"Do you need an IQ below room temp to be a gamer and post here?"
This guy is a retard

DRIIV3295d ago

Room temp is 293 to 298 K isn't it.

Nitrowolf23295d ago

lol thats one way to look at it if your using that degree rating
USA room temp i think is 70-75F

visualb3295d ago

3 people that don't know the existence of Kelvin disagree with you xD

i do believe however he meant fahrenheit =P

animboo3295d ago

he is a narrow minded and very stupid, racist and some kind of sociopath/retard.

thorstein3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

He has been disbarred. He can no longer practice law in the USA. Lulz. Guess Rockstar wins.

In the words of the incomparable Peter Griffin: (Jack Thompson,) Talk to my ass, 'cause he is the only one that gives a crap."

MrAwesome3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

Whoever says video games are satan is offending satan and should go to heaven!?!?! O.o

darkcharizard3295d ago

I curse you in the name of our lord Baphomet.

Lazy_Gamer3295d ago

This guy is like a fly. A mouth on rocket fuel, Annoying, rude, selfish and most most of all, thinks that he actually has a weight and makes a difference.

jcgamer3295d ago

If it wasn't for games/gamers, this FARTFACE wouldn't have a purpose...then, he has the NERVE to tell gamers to go to hell? He's a sh!t stain on the underwear of life...and as for that picture? YES Jack, that GTA IV cover looks better than your face!

lol :)

Lazy_Gamer3295d ago

Funny, he was stongly against Rockstar's Bully game and yet he talkes like the hobo who teaches you fighting moves in the game. I hope R* made it like that for that purpose.

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The story is too old to be commented.