NPD to stop reporting monthly hardware unit sales figures

NPD Group has said it’s to stop reporting on the monthly hardware unit sales figures.Effective immediately, what this means is that this coming Thursday, October 14, when the US figures are released, it will no longer contain the pertinent hardware information.

Monthly hardware figures to be released by console manufacturers from now on.


There seems to be a misunderstanding here, monthly numbers WILL be reported but NOT by NPD directly. Only the manufactures can release the numbers to the public.

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darkcharizard3292d ago

Just because everytime you see PS3 getting its ass kicked by Wii and 360 EVERY MONTH?? LOL!

Cloudberry3292d ago

It got Japan for that part.

niceguywii603292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

They won't be able to count the 360 number from now on anyways lol. I wonder if some console companies rallied against the tracking based on what's been happening and what will happen for now on starting next month lol J/K

rroded3292d ago Show
evrfighter3292d ago Show
StanLee3292d ago

So ahead of it being reported that Microsoft is going to win big with its console sales numbers, possibly only being outsold by the DS, NPD is going to stop reporting console figures?! Right.

DasBunker3292d ago

i guess VGC articles with the only ones filled with zales fanboys... what about the games? oh right you lost the most important battlefield.

sack_boi3292d ago Show
k-Lan3292d ago

Sony paid some big money to hide their embarassing numbers. I would do the same if i was to get murdered in sales this holiday season.

Shang-Long3292d ago

so we gotta go by VGC now....yay...

Chaos693292d ago

I'm still waiting for Sony to release some MOVE numbers... oh wait, they just paid to cancel NPD instead.

Bigpappy3292d ago

I expect them to both report 2mil sold in september in US. With MOve sell 3 mil at launch. VGchartz will be god as of now.

silvacrest3292d ago

LMAO, why would sony waste there money on this??

raztad3292d ago Show
Biggest3292d ago

What the hell would Sony be paying for anyway? I don't get some of you sometimes. Even in the normal retarded fanboy reasoning this is abnormally retarded.

raztad3292d ago


My previous comment was reported as TROLLING. This is beyond ridiculous and piss me off big time.

Trolling who or what exactly? perhaps the mod doesnt know how to read.

Using some logic and countering absurd statements grants you a troll tag.

DaTruth3292d ago

Look at some of the comments above that aren't flagged as trolling that clearly are trolling!

DaTruth3292d ago

What am I gonna do now when I have no games? Oh wait, I own a PS3!

Never mind!

ChozenWoan3292d ago

VGC has been gaining more cred recently thanks to replacing their guesstimates with NPD numbers after they are released. Being free (aka add supported), VGC is obviously cutting into NPDs subscriptions while profiting from their research... which costs NPD lots of money to obtain and collate.

The good news is that the inside industry will get to see just how far off track VGC is on a regular basis. As time goes on, VGC's numbers will grow more and more erroneous and the industry will call them out on it. Once VGC loses all cred, I'm sure NPD will resume our regularly scheduled updates.

In the mean time....


Your guess is as good as mine.

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MrMccormo3292d ago

How else will fanboys spin numbers and pretend that US sales = the world?!?!

Chaos693292d ago

Only Japan = the world. Because Sony's doing good over there.

DaTruth3292d ago

Mediacreate sales articles don't ever have fanboys trolling like NPD.

Obviously you don't go to those articles and just make up crap so PS3 fanboys can look as bad as 360 fanboys... or maybe Ps3 fanboys only troll about having good games and not sales... oh wait, that's called discussing games on a gaming website!

MRMagoo1233292d ago

the thing is sony is doing well every where not just the US so ur japan theory is dead.

Lovable3292d ago

I guess VGchartz will be extremely hot now.

Cloudberry3292d ago

I just think about that now, lol.

3292d ago
Shadowstar3292d ago

Well, isn't that just a ray of sunshine.

stuna13292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

And no it has nothing to do with sony breaking out the checkbook.
But here a hint! Just look to future releases, hardware and otherwise.

You really don't realise just how much on the money you really are! But this is not just directly related to the fanboiz at large. This is much bigger! Certain entities have already been caught with their hands in the cookie jar before, and it was proven that their figures were off! Refer back to 2009 for clarity.

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visualb3292d ago

less fanboy crap spewage on N4G for one....

3292d ago
k-Lan3292d ago

You're talking about the estimated WW numbers the PS fanboys are always throwing up in the comment sections?

RageAgainstTheMShine3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Overall that will be good for everybody.

1) Microsoft can stop their Mi$$information campaign
2) 360 fanboys main reason for happiness & glory will be severely severed.
3) Now we only have to worry about VGChartz which will be soon, going that way out too.
4) Gamers minds will be 'RESET' to their normal & sane state like it used to be.
5) This bring back the fun in actual games & gaming .... & not on crazy animalistic flaming and debate over useless figures.

visualb3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

I'm talking about all fanboy spewage.

and you seem to assume only PS3 fanboys spew crap on here, but thats maybe because you're ignored by all 360 fanboys or choose to ignore them (or you are a 360 fanboy) , truth is, everyone does it.

I see more people complaining about PS3 fanboys than actual PS3 fanboys, which is contradictory in itself, and quite sad,

the second you complain about 1 set of fanboys, its quite clear you're part of the other side.

ALL fanboys spew crap, and ALL will stop with the absence of NPD...or lets hope.

@Ghanksy - i doubt many real gamers come to N4G much...even I feel dirty for coming here -_- good source of news though

lexington3292d ago

well this should please the pswii fanboys. Now they don't have to see their pshdwii in LAST place all the time.

Mahr3292d ago

"ALL fanboys spew crap, and ALL will stop with the absence of NPD"

Yeah, because solid, concrete, factual information is what constitutes crap. Surely, made-up numbers based on nothing other than personal speculation can only lead to people developing less biased conclusions. Totally.

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morganfell3292d ago

Not happy for some people that rely on NPD as an affirmation. It will get even uglier for those persons if the numbers released by hardware manufacturers are worldwide figures and not just the US.

k-Lan3292d ago

lmao! Prepare your Kleenex Morgan. It would get ugly for the PS3. I would love to see confirmed WW numbers for the last few months.

nickjkl3292d ago

idk about you but sony is still at 38 million officially until the end of this quarter half year depending on what comes first

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

''NPD Group has said it’s to stop releasing monthly hardware unit sales figures for the US,''

¿WHAT? ¿NPD Sales numbers of US is not the whole world?!!!! /s

Shang-Long3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

well it should stop salas game

EVILDEAD3603292d ago

No average person has 10,000 dollars to waste on the NPD subscription..but the information is bound to leak to both of those sites..thus some fan blogger will make a killing in hits by being the first one to leak the info to the general public via N4G etc.

There has been some interesting favorite is NPD was losing subscriptions because they were giving the information to the press for free anyways..

Microsft will definately put their NPD out in press releases for October thru November as their US holiday sales are going to be it's highest in recent history.

VG Chartz will now be the most powerful sales site in the industry by default

Life is about to get interesting..kicks up feet..pops in the popcorn for what will be an interest 2 and a half months...


raztad3292d ago

Wow, the monthly flamewar is not more. I guess some "fans" will have nothing to talk. The downside is VGC guesstimates will become the "real deal" for some.

Well, nvm. I think there is quarterly reports from platform holder themselves to look forward.

otherZinc3292d ago

This decision is a SONY exclusive! SONY knows they have no chance in the US (the largest videogame market), it wouldnt look good for them to get blown out during the ENTIRE 2010 VIDEO GAME SEASON! And the gap is going to widen this holiday season.

This is terrible!

Troll_Police3292d ago

Go back to the MOTY.

Man_of_the_year3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

It's been confirmed that OtherZinc and myself are not the same person. If you know what is going on with the Bitbag, you would have known this. Please try and keep up and don't hurt yourself. Thanks.

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Lovable3292d ago

Can't say I'll miss it to be honest lol..

cyborg3292d ago

must be curled up crying in a corner somewhere

visualb3292d ago

except now they'll be doing it over time =D YAY!

GiggMan3292d ago

...imagines a N4G without talking about sales...


Mahr3292d ago

"imagines a N4G without talking about sales..."

Um, N4G will still talk about sales. People will just make up numbers instead and there will be no solid concrete facts to contradict them.

Moentjers3292d ago

strange... just before GT5 comes out...

k-Lan3292d ago

Yeah because GT5 is going to sell 20 trillion copies! The game will be played for generations to come!!

Btw.. whats the definition of hardware Moentjers??

Omega43292d ago ShowReplies(4)
Optical_Matrix3292d ago

Brilliant news. Next stop Media Create and Famitsu figures and N4G may be become a slightly more friendly place...maybe

Adva3292d ago

You are forgetting that Vgchart site. The one that has be known to understate PS3 numbers and overstate/some what accurate Xbox360 numbers.

Mahr3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

"Next stop Media Create and Famitsu figures and N4G may be become a slightly more friendly place"

I do not see that happening. This announcement is not even 9 hours old yet and already we have people resorting to insane conspiracy theories about Sony/Nintendo/Microsoft paying off NPD to hide the 'fact' that Move/Wii/Halo/Kinect are/will be failures.