Medal of Honor review scores 'a black eye for EA' - analyst

Underwhelming early Medal of Honor reviews could harm the shooter's chances at retail, according to Cowen & Company analyst Doug Creutz.

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MGRogue20173288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

I've seen some gameplay videos on YouTube..

It looks like great fun on both SP & MP so I'm going to get it this Friday (UK). :)

pangitkqb3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

And yes, reviews CAN even be very useful from credible sources. However, I am getting MoH simply because, after playing in both the PC and PS3 multiplayer betas, I loved it; reviews be damned.

Topshelfcheese3288d ago

I found it hilarious that the author thinks a 8/10 and 85/100 are underwhelming scores. Those are by no means bad or low. The user score on metacritic is 8.9/10 so the gamers seem to like it thus far.

ddurand13288d ago

top shelf, the number of reviews that are around a 7 outnumber those 8.5s

StanLee3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

To be honest, for Medal of Honor to have a chance to compete against Call of Duty, it needed scores in the 90s. It had to be a triple A title to draw from Call of Duty's large base and it isn't. You wont find many takers when there is Black Ops around the corner. Medal of Honor wont even sell as well as Battlefield Bad Company 2 and I expect it to average out to a below 80 metascore.

Topshelfcheese3288d ago


You completely missed my point. If I'm trying to make a point that a game has low scores, I should only mention review scores that are low, not 8 or above. Reviews are also highly subjective, PSM said they were highly engrossed with the game and highly recommended it, but only gave it a 8/10, you would assume with them saying that it would be higher.


Consumers decide what to buy, reviews don't make or break a game. BBC2 sold over 5million copies, so even if they do close to that, its still a win. They never said they would outsell COD, just that they wanted to "start" taking market share and I believe they will. Also AAA titles as people like to throw around are not based on review scores being over 90, there are many factors that contribute to that statement.

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Rich16313288d ago

The game as of right now, is sitting at a 75 on metacritic which is pretty damn bad. Anything below an 80 is average at best.

finbars753288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

The game will get no blackeye at all from the low reviews.The game is what it says it is.Authenticity and pride.I have been playing this game all day and I cant get enough of it.Its got a compelling storyline and a great teamplay MP.Dont be turned away from a couple of bad reviews you be the judge of the game.I gurantee alot of people might not like it but I guarntee alot more people will love what dangerclose and Dice have done for the MOH franchise.Good job guys and fantastic job on the remastered Frontlines.So sick looking and brings me back to the good old days.I cant see how COD always gets high reviews when its the same crap over and over.It feels like recycable day every other week when I hear the name COD.

Persistantthug3288d ago

Game never looked like a winner to me.

gamer81793288d ago

I've been playing and enjoying medal of honor all day. It seems lately I've like the games getting average reviews over the games getting high reviews. The multi-player will keep me busy at least untill black opps comes out

avengers19783288d ago

Yes the Multiplayer is alot of FUN, haven't gotten into the campaign yet, but I imagine that will be good to. Maybe people are just getting to over critical. Not every game that comes out is going to change the industry.

Psychotica3288d ago

I read several reviews but just went out and bought it anyways. The videos I saw looked liked fun to me..

Jinxstar3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

I limit myself to one game a month and I really wanted it to be this game but I think I might hold off for BFBC2 Vietnam pack and get SW:TFU2 instead if the reviews are good... I had high hopes for this and castlevania... It's not that the game looks BAD. but a 4-5 hour campaign with shallower MP doesn't seem like a buy to me... They said they have been working on the game for 3 years too... Thats a long time for so little...

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