2-Soft: FIFA 2011 Review: The best soccer game ever.

FIFA 2011 is the 19th game from the FIFA series and is for sure the best ever made by the EA Sports developers.The popularity of FIFA has risen over the time becoming not just the best football game,but the best sports game in the world regardless of market or publisher.
FIFA 2011 was released on September 28 in North America and on October 1 in Europe and you can play it on PS2,PS3,Xbox 360,WII,Mobile Phone and PC.The EA developers brought us some great improvements and new features making from FIFA 2011 the most realistic soccer game

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Adu883297d ago

i really think it is..pes 2011 tries his best to reach FIFA..but he has a long way to go until then..

Adu883295d ago

the new features from fifa like personality plus and be a goalie are really nice..i just cannot stop from playing fifa 2011..:) i think many years from now fifa will rule as a sports game..

comancsm3294d ago

I vote for Fifa too. Fifa rules

Adu883294d ago

I vote FIFA 2011 best sports game release of the year..who is with me?

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