SG: Medal of Honor Dual Review- Not a CoD Killer A dual review by Anthony Accinelli and Roger Hansen. "It would be impossible for me to describe MoH without comparing it to Modern Warfare because there is nothing about MoH that lets it stand on its own. It is a step beyond being inspired by, and borders on being a blatant clone. With the success of the Modern Warfare franchise, who can blame them? While not a bad game, MoH is at best, average."

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BlueTroll3296d ago

I knew it! I knew this game wasn't going to be good! Finally an honest review! AGH!

Urmomlol3296d ago

...says a writer from Strength Gamer.

Honestly, you shills are so easy to spot. It certainly doesn't help that ALL your comments are on Strength Gamer articles.

Oh, and terrible review. It's obvious you didn't play the multiplayer --otherwise you would know your very cursory, generic analysis of it is completely false. This leads me to believe you're once again reviewing pirated copies.

Keep up the good work, guys.

AnthonyAccinell3296d ago

I didn't review the multiplayer because the community isn't close to large enough yet to give it a thorough review. Multiplayer relies so heavily on how well the servers handle the rush of people, how the players themselves behave, which modes everyone plays (for instance, Halo: Reach all people play is SWAT). A multiplayer review right now would be ridiculous. As for "BlueTroll", he's definitely not a writer. Sounds like an idiot if you ask me.

Boody-Bandit3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

A friend of mine called out a trolling blog owner and lost two bubbles for it. I don't get it but for some reason these bloggers get away with murder on N4G.

These bloggers write, submit, approve and then come here and drive up the heat for these articles with their multiple accounts. Just look at the title. It was edited for hits.

BTW incase you members of N4G haven't paid attention. You are not bubbling people up and down. N4G mods do that. You are only suggesting they be bubbled up and down. I have paid close attention to this system and know that to be the case. All you can really do is disagree or agree. Nothing more.

Personally I wish they would just take away this lame system and let the real gamers talk and weed out the people that are just here to get attention. But then that would lose them foot traffic and we all know that is the only thing that really matters. Hits equal $$$.

BlueTroll3296d ago

Noooo!!! Not my Bubbles!!! How would I ever show my face in public if I lost some bubbles?!

Boody-Bandit3296d ago

Of course trolls don't care about bubbles. They will just make, or already have, several accounts. "Gamers" would prefer to keep their voice and it's sad they lose bubbles giving honest comments to "those" people and sites.

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BooZe3296d ago

Guess the beta told the truth after all.

ape0073296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

no where near as fun or addictive as cod in my opinion, it misses that "X" factor found in cod, halo and bad company

SlickShoes3296d ago

"parallels to Modern Warfare border on obscene"

This really made me laugh, half of the things that are "copying" Modern Warfare are things that most of us done in SOCOM 1 and SOCOM 2 back on the PS2.

If you want to do a military shooter without, spec ops, without sniping, without vehicles, without air support, then look wahey we are mgically back in World War 2 again and if they made another WW2 game everyone would be bitching and moaning about how overdone WW2 games are.

XRider3296d ago

SOCOM on PS2 is a third person tatical shooter and SOCOM just copies from games before it.

marcindpol3296d ago

i was going to buy this game until i read it comes only with 8 maps...

i am going to wait for Black Ops which will come with 15 maps out of the box.

Simco8763296d ago

Didn't like the Beta, glad to see the review scores are matching that.

Black Ops here we come!

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