2-Soft: 5 Ways To Speed Up Your Computer’s Gaming Performances

Optimizing and improving your computer’s gaming performances is not such a complicated thing to be done. This simple maintenance task can be done in 5 simple steps: Preparation, Steam Optimization, Hard Drive Optimization, Video Driver Optimization, Automated Maintenance.

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Adu883295d ago

very interesting stuff..i think you should be published..:)

Gago3293d ago

my PC is super clean and efficent

but this will others alot

CombineElite3288d ago

YEs I use CCleaner religiously as it is so very great and it also has a Registry Cleaner. USE it instead of saying bad drivers.

video card driver updates should never be done while downloading or watching porn. people do this all the time then wonder why their graphics card don't work.

run SPybot search and Destroy as it kills malware and spyware

and of course defrag your HDD once a month

very good tips

Newtype3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

Buy a SSD. Problem solved. And if people don't understand how an SSD works, I feel sorry for you. Hard drive optimization is not needed on SSDs. However, a RAID configuration can help out even more.

@retard below
GTFO console noob.

Bgibbs3294d ago

You feel sorry for people not being as nerdy as you?

elcompa4253294d ago

The fact that he calls you a "console noob" prettttyy much tells you that hes a PC guy with an axe to grind.

commodore643293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

@ newtype

"Hard drive optimization is not needed on SSDs."

Lucky for you, some modern SSDs trim automatically and it is also automatic on Windows 7, so while you don't need to do it manually, SSD hardware optimization is still absolutely necessary and ongoing .

BattleAxe3293d ago

All I did was buy a DELL Dude.

OpenGL3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

A SSD is not really that necessary for games as most titles are designed to stream off a standard hard drive. Sure your games will load faster, but once it's done loading there shouldn't be any real performance improvement. I'd rather spend the extra money on a better video card.

Dac2u3293d ago

@Newtype I feel sorry for you, thinking an SSD will improve gaming performance. You'd be better off spending that wad of cash on a new video card rather than an SSD. The only thing an SSD will do for you is improve loading times, if it helps anything else, you don't have enough RAM and would be better off getting more.

If you're going to try to insult people for not knowing as much as you, you damned well better know what you're talking about.

toaster3293d ago

Just defrag your SSD and you're good to go!! :D It'll run 10x faster.

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writersblock3294d ago

I was expecting some good tips. This is stuff anybody with a computer could've told you

Update your drivers? Defrag the hard disk?
Cmon, everybody knows about that shit already

Gago3293d ago

alot of people don't know

DeeBee3293d ago

I think what writersblock meant to say was, anybody reading this article would probably know the "tips" given already. Hell, to me, those "tips" are very basic ground level stuff. Kind of the first things you learn right after learning how to push to power button to turn your computer on!

I too was expecting some good tips.

SexyPrawns3293d ago

Haha. Delete the explorer.exe file while you're at it.

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