Shacknews: Medal of Honor Review

Shacknews writes: "Although EA was once the champion of the wartime console shooter when the original Medal of Honor launched in 1999, the publisher has slipped in rank over the last few years. In hopes of recapturing the market, EA has revived its aging Medal of Honor franchise for a new generation of gamers, featuring a new generation of combat heroes."

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mzm1193295d ago

Just got home and threw in MOH and can't play online because EA servers are "not available." WTF?

HungPHATx3295d ago

I just played for a hour and no problems , keep trying buddy
Add me and I'll play with you on PSN HungPHAT

mzm1193295d ago

I'm on XBox but thanks for the offer. Wonder if that has anything to do with the problem. Oh well.

SpitFireAce853295d ago

I hate that EA never learns/prepares their servers
people had problems with BFBC2 as well...Thats why
i didn't pick up the game yet.

finbars753295d ago

This game has lived up to what they have been going on about for the last year.Authentic in every way and you can tell how much pride and hard work dangerclose and dice have put into the reboot of MOH.I agree its not perfect but it does what so little developers are afraid to do and thats swim with the big sharks.MOH has shown that they can compete with the best.Only in time will we see how much better this franchise will grow and how much better it will be in the future of FPS.Good job guys for giving us the franchise that we all have been dreaming about for sometime now.Dont go by reviews just go by what your gut tells you.The game doesnt dissapoint and it will give you all the excitment you have wanting for a long time now.

likedamaster3295d ago

How about the multiplayer?

ikral3295d ago

1st MoH was made by Dreamworks, not EA.