Wii 2 to feature a Cell processor from IBM?

Maybe the Wii 2 features a Cell processor from IBM. Today the company announced that it would continue to work closely with the consoles manufacturers.

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saint_john_paul_ii3292d ago

no, but it will must likely be a variant of it.

handheldwars3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Christians are nothing but Jesus fanboys.

Trebius3292d ago

They're useless. They've held back human advancement with their rubbish.

kaveti66163292d ago

"They've held back human advancement with their rubbish."

What's with the off-topic bashing against religion on a video game site? You guys can't keep your feelings to yourself?

Also, what advancement are you looking forward to, huh? an Ipod brain implant? Pfft, advancement. Humans will go the way of the dodo.

Matthew943292d ago

Also, what advancement are you looking forward to, huh? an Ipod brain implant? Pfft, advancement. Humans will go the way of the dodo.

by the time were extinct ill be long dead

also heard of the dark ages? some job the cristians did there

kaveti66163292d ago

"also heard of the dark ages? some job the cristians did there"

Dude, like I said, I'm not going to get involved in a pointless debate with you about something that doesn't matter. Arguing about people's personal beliefs and their affect upon the world is only going to divide us further as a race. To be frank, I am an agnostic, myself, but I've never felt the urge to bash other people who I do not know on the internet, especially with the intention of hurting their feelings.

And I've taken several history courses in college that discuss the massacres that have occurred due to religion. Nevertheless, one could also point out the failings of humanity due to our possessive nature, our desire to own more and more things. Yet, how come religion gets blamed more than capitalism? Did you know the Iraq war was declared because the Bush administration wanted to set up oil refineries in the Middle East so they could obtain more capital?

There's just as many wars started because of money as there are for religion, so I ask you, why must you blame one thing but accept another? Did you know, also, that the Crusades were started in large part over money? The Catholic Church and the English Monarchy conspired to invade Jerusalem and other cities in order to loot gold and treasure from the city. Religion was a surface explanation.

Ultimately it all comes down to money. Why blame the inconsequential institutions when the real source of the problem is in your wallet?

handheldwars3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Ya, I'm sure Jesus sacrificed his mother just to earn some money...

lexington3292d ago Show
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MrMccormo3292d ago

Interesting. It could mean that with Move being on the PS3, that many Wii 2 games would also come out on the PS3 in full HD with little to no porting issues.. Interesting indeed.

matey3291d ago

wii2 would not only have cell but AMD FUSION APU nintendo love ATI and AMD are the new ATI and the FUSION range are cheap major powerful too powerful for ps3 to emulate thats for sure directx 11.1 graphics and shader model 5.0 ect it can even do in game CGI standard graphics google it AMD FUSION APU

badz1493291d ago

IBM halt all development on CELL and Sony also already sold the manufacturing line to Toshiba! I know Nintendo likes to stay a gen behind their competitors like their Wii and DS but I doubt they will use CELL! from 1 to 10, this rumor scores 0!

EYEamNUMBER13292d ago

this is obviously fake
i mean there is nothing in that article to even assume that it would be true or even slightly true

MNicholas3292d ago

It would certainly ensure backwards compatibility with the Wii and Gamecube, both of which use simpler IBM processors. The Cell's PPU would run those games just fine. The SPUs would be icing on the cake due to it's ability to "accelerate" (how this happens is complicated but that's the end result) whatever GPU they build into the Wii2.

Ju3291d ago

True, that. But so would a multicore Power6 derivate with extended VMX and a up to date GPU...

I am curious to see, how PowerPC will do with ATI - now AMD - in the future (e.g. Wii and XBox360). I could imagine AMD sees a huge potential for it's Fusion line of chips in the console business.

fishd3292d ago

Nah Ninty will just duct tape 4 Gamecubes together and Bam there it is...Wii 2

kaveti66163292d ago

"Ya, I'm sure Jesus sacrificed his mother just to earn some money... "

I don't even know what you mean by that statement. It doesn't really matter.

iforgotmylogin3291d ago

Hopefully not. pff
they should just talk to Intel about getting some variant of a 6core xenon.
cell processor is dated and ppl would be like. Omg ps3 had a cell since 2006 its 2011 and wii just caught up...

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Dylantalon13292d ago

Wii 2 will be as powerful as a Xbox 360 imo.

Ju3291d ago

That would be the cheap route. I would expect it to be, well, 5 years beyond those consoles. But, well, a 360/PS3 level console could maybe be built much cheaper with current technology.

Otheros003292d ago

No. Sony owns the rights so they will have to pay royalties if they want to use it. Nintendo doesn't like to pay royalties. That's why they use their own propriety disk format and not dvd.

KratosGirI3292d ago

Capacity-wise, it's still a DVD.

GodsHand3292d ago

They do? So then what does IBM have to do with it. Also why is Toshiba using it in some of their TV's? Besides that, Sony may have some say, and get paid a fee, but they essentially stop support of R&D for it, and only support it buy including it in their console.

trevonn953292d ago

all built the cell together then micro$hit stole the blueprints

trevonn953289d ago

int it since wii cant play dvd

Otheros003292d ago
"we're working with all of the game folks to provide our capabilities into those next-generation machines."
They said nothing about cell going into the wii 2.

Ju3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

IBM always wanted to push their Power platform as opposed to their own consumer model which is based on what they call the "G3" core (the latest PowerPC was the G4, the 970 or G5 wasn't based on that core). That's basically the PowerPC developed with Apple and a spin off from the Power architecture. I guess with Power6 (and later) a lot of the G3 line went back into the Power architecture; the cell had an improved power management and that was one reason why it has a G3 based PPU core instead of one based on Power5 (or 6 which was not ready in 2005).

But, when they say, the future of the CELL is part of the Power roadmap, I can believe that. G3 is basically gone, Power6 and later can possibly compete with it now. A Power 7 (or 8) core cpu can possibly feature additional vector units which they strip out of the CELL.

I am curious to see how IBM can strip down a Power 6 (or 7 or even 8) to fit into a game console. That was always the problem with IBM. They core business is workstation CPUs. Power per Watt is critial there, too, nowadays. Maybe they can make such a CPU.

If at all, I could imagine they'll get competition from AMD and M$. Seams to be logically for the next XBox to go that route instead. Sony and Nintendo can care less. Sony was never backward compatible (well, PS1 and 2 both used Mips cores, though). Nintento uses the G3 based Gecko since the GC.

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