GameBlurb: Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Beta Preview

GameBlurb writes, "It’s about time I finally put good use to my PlayStation Plus subscription. I’ve been hearing some very good things about the multiplayer component for Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. Considering my strong skepticism for games that were once only single player moving into a new territory, I needed to see what the fuss was about. Does the beta hold the same satisfying kills that the first two games employed?"

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liquidxtension3293d ago

Never thought I'd say this but that video made me really want to get this game for it's multiplayer.

jaidek3293d ago

I am still a bit skeptical on how long the multiplayer aspect of assassin's creed can last. Once it is released for non-psn+ members I will give it a go.

MicrocutsX23293d ago

Hmmm never really thought this game could pull off multilayer

evildeli3293d ago

I'm over multiplayer, AC isn't bringing me back

JamestheScruffy3293d ago

I really hope that the multiplayer can hold on for a little while...

I am really into the AC series, but I also like that foreboding feeling of loneliness being an assassin...the music and surroundings of the 2nd game really helped me feel connect to Ezio and his sense of revenge and honor.

I hope I can still feel the same loneliness (which seems necessary to carry the proper mood of the game) into the multiplayer...

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