Medal Of Honor: First 20 Minutes Of PS3 Gameplay

Watch Nowgamer play the first 20 minutes of Medal of Honor's single player campaign here.

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xDaRkModEx3298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

No fullscreen. :/. oh snap you can lean on console, nice!

kaveti66163298d ago

Did anyone else hear in the intro that there's a mention of "Al Quaeda?"

wsoutlaw873298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

so? they only removed Taliban from mp not sp

kasasensei3298d ago

A lot of reviewers say the game is really short, but HOW short? Somebody here has a source for that information?

Shackdaddy8363298d ago

Its about 4-7 hours depending on what difficulty you play at.

To give you perspective, MW2 was about 4 hrs on medium I think(someone correct me if I'm off).

Shackdaddy8363298d ago

Ya, but CoD's SP was probably the most garbage story ever. Didnt even make sense....

Close_Second3298d ago

I hated MW2. It played out more like add on missions for COD4. I'm also sick of boot camp at the beginning and the constant jumping, missing and having someone pull you up.

kasasensei3298d ago

Hum i play games, especially fps in hard, at least, so i think i can expect 7 to 8 hours for the solo. A little short yes. Shorter than MW2 if so. I'm gonna wait a price drop, probably.

Apone3298d ago

For now, that's the reason i will skip it for the time being. Price drop, second hand.

wsoutlaw873297d ago

ya ive played through mw2s sp a few times and some parts still dont make * for sence to me

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Dsnyder3298d ago

Cant be shorter than Call of Duty.

Close_Second3298d ago

Nothing we have not seen before mind.

Apollyn3298d ago

That's obvious we live in a Gen with far too many FPS games on top of that if u stray too far from the norm people wont buy it cause its different. Sad but true. Hopefully crysis 2 can add a bit of flavor too the GPS genre or God help us all

evolution543298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

Metal of Honor got penalized for it being short. Did the same happen for the COD series??? Metal of Honor got penalized for the weak storyline. Did the same happen to the crap that got spewed out of the COD series?

But anyways, a lot of these modern warfare (no pun intended) shooters seems to rely heavily on the MP aspect of it. It would be great if the SP campaign also kicked some butt but it feels as if MP will always take center stage for these types of shooters.

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