Gamereactor: Medal of Honor review

"In many ways, Medal of Honor is the opposite of Modern Warfare 2. There are no fights on the lawn in front of the White House, no frontal assault on drilling platforms, no megalomaniac James Bond-villains with a private army in his back pocket, no melodrama and no military jargon copied straight out of a Generation Kill-episode. We're never "Oscar Mike" in Medal of Honor.

All the stupidities that Modern Warfare 2 wallows in are completely absent from Medal of Honor. Instead we get Afghan mountain terrain, deserts and rural areas, the enemies are faceless Afghans, Arabs or Chechnyan and your colleagues speak relatively normal English."

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niceguywii603296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

This game was slightly over hyped due to the devs trying to forcefully advertise support for PS3, the fanboys support for this unjustifiably increased due to the facts mentioned above and they hyped it. People wanted the Xbox supporting COD devs to eat it so bad they made a fictional reality much like the one on N4G.


-PS3 Lead
-PS3 Beta priority
-COD killer
and so on, all spoken loudly by the devs then fanboys.

LOL all the little fellow can do is personally attack with no logical response. The devs for this game were more vocal about PS3 support than most devs supporting either platform a little more than the other.

PS3 getting a beta first and the announced focus on the PS3 version is not my point. PS3 fanboys only respecting and appreciating the game based on what I said above is my point, in this case over hyping it based on what I said. The game would have been attacked if it were the other way around by PS3 fanboys and the 360 fans would simply suck it up and enjoy the game(no smear campaigns from the 360 camp)

BubbleSystemSuck3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

sad troll life
@above. some one with one bubble dont need a "logical" response.

...tic tac... time remaning for Edit...

ThatIrishGamer3296d ago

I know. . .wow. . .ps3 gets one beta over the 360 (it's usually the other way around) and this poster has a hissy fit and throws his toys of of the pram.

ThatIrishGamer3296d ago

Are you raging that MS didn't buy exclusive advertising rights for this game LIKE THEY DO WITH MOST OTHER MULTIPLATFORM GAMES IN HISTORY? "FFXIII out now. . . on XBOX360". . ."Call of Duty out now. . .ON XBOX360". . . etc etc. . .