Top 10 Most Broken Games

We love games at Dealspwn. So much so, in fact, we stomach their multiple and multifaceted flaws. Bad writing. Poor visuals. An over-reliance on bald space-marines and Tolkien’s fantasy lore. But what we simply can’t tolerate are broken games. Titles so ineptly designed you breathe a sigh of relief when the console actually recognised the disc/cartridge/ancient form of media.

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MrMccormo3292d ago

I agree that Red Dead Redemption was very glitchy, but most of the glitches were funny and not game-breaking.

I totally agree with Bethesda games being so glitchy. It puzzles me why their glitches are always given a pass in reviews. "Oh, this game freezes, makes you pass through the ground,an makes it so you can't complete quests, buuuuut it's still AAA!"

ranmafandude3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

bribing game reviewers. also anyone notice how pretty much all of them are from western developers? it's just something to think about that's all i'm saying.

AndrewRyan3292d ago

Have you ever watched AVGN. This list is crap compared to the games that we used to play.

mikepmcc3292d ago


So there are actually people who believe reviewers are bribed? Funny.

ezcex3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

So there are people who actually believe that bribes don't happen? Funny.

kaveti66163292d ago

Who is the idiot that made this list?

On a short list of the 10 most broken games, how can Red Dead Redemption possibly make the list.

This is what we call lazy journalism.

The most broken games out there are games you've probably forgotten about or never heard of because they were so broken they didn't sell more than a few thousand copies.

Red Dead Redemption DOES NOT belong on a top ten list of broken games.

It's stupid to even make this list, and indicative of a moron searching for hits.

There is no accuracy involved. Poor, poor poor.



Short memory much? Can't remember the GameSpot Kane & Lynch fiasco?

I'm pretty sure bribes aren't so common as fanboys claim and probably most aren't all blow out bribes, but actually more sutile incentives without an ultimatum/rate asking (which isn't any better), think of those cool review copy packs filled with merchandising or all the ad revenue (unless of course when publisher threat to remove ads if they get a bad review, that's a full bribe)

Don't be so innocent.

Armyntt3291d ago

I bet the "bribes" are more minority than majority. Just like how M$ supposedly every positive 360 article was paid for by M$. Or how M$ paid this company for this game or that game. When it never occurs to the fanboy that maybe the maker of said game went to M$ to sell their product and to get a larger user base. Nope that cant be it that makes to much sense nah i still M$ just pays everyone.

bunfighterii3291d ago

Game reviewers probably aren't bribed per se...

But I definately think there's more than a little 'cash for comment' type stuff going on in the industry ala we'll spend this much advertising for this game on your site if you give around such and such a score...

Or something there abouts.

3291d ago
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Blacktric3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Because most of the games they make is fun to play unlike some other games. That's why those games' bugs are being ignored most of the time. Besides, majority of the players doesn't encounter most of the glitches. And soon after release, Bethesda releases patches to fix the games anyway. Not every review have to be based on graphics, sound or how glitch-free the game is. Fun is the most important factor, not tech.

vickers5003292d ago

Tech becomes a factor when you are unable to have fun though. I beat Fallout 3 GoTYs story, all the story side missions, and two of the expansions, and I have amassed quite an arsenal that I store in my file cabinet in megaton. My save file is about 12-15mb big, and now the damn thing freezes and slows down so much, it's gotten to the point where I'm just not going to touch the game anymore.

Fallout 3's glitches (later on in the game) are unacceptable and are not minor or rare for players (at least on the ps3 version.

jarrod19813292d ago

i played rdr all the way through and didnt experience one glitch. i played oblivion and fallout 3 and only had one hard freeze on fallout 3. so i didnt experience anything that took away from the games. i played them both on 360 so icant say but sounds like FO3 was pretty bad on ps3.



I agree with you as the same thing happened to me, but I played on PS3 and only rented Oblivion for 2 days.

I got all SP and some MP trophies of RDR, over 50 hours in it, and no glitch so far. FO3 only had one hard freeze on me on Tranquility Lane and some stuck glitches in which you can't move after climbing over something you probably shouldn't (like a bedframe/headboard) but it's just a question of loading the last save.

Philoctetes3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

I got 100% completion on RDR and didn't encounter any glitches at all, except for a single freeze.

Bethesda, on the other hand, yikes. Fallout 3 was glitchy and freezy all the way through. I didn't even bother to try the DLC because I've read that it's almost unplayable on the PS3.

kneon3292d ago

I got 100% completion on RDR and couldn't go 10 minutes without some sort of glitch popping up. Most were not serious, numerous floating objects, disappearing objects, animals and NPCs that are either partially under ground or flying around.

But there were a fair number of game affecting glitches. Such as being shot at by someone you can't kill, because they are safely encased within a cliff. Or trying to loot the bounty target but finding that rather difficult because they seem to be buried under ground.

danielle0073292d ago

As long as you learn early on to save often, then you're golden.

I played Fallout 3 quite a bit, and sure, I encountered some freezing, some weird random glitches, and one time my dog got stuck in a wall, and I had forgotten to save, so I had to re-do some of the stuff just to get my doggie back..

But, honestly, I didn't care. I learned to save really often, and the game is amazing enough for me to not complain. The story is epic, and there are so many amazing places to see.. I mean, to make such a huge world with minimum loads, and so much to do, and so much happening.. Of course there are going to be some glitches.

jony_dols3292d ago

E.T is the most broken game of all time. It is impossible to complete it.

Shadow03292d ago

i thought red dead glitches were just as funny as fallout, and if never fell threw the ground with 200+ hours of gameplay.

ezcex3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )


XabiTheHumble3292d ago

Uhh... major magazines publishers and websites that review things in general always get bribed by big company's. If you honestly believe that these gaming websites are above taking bribes then... wow, I have no words for your dumbass.

mugoldeneagle033292d ago

My first, and most beloved, save was ruined by the "Gukimir Glitch" where after you are given the ability to Knight people so they follow you, he doesn't stop, no matter what. I could weigh him down and leave, but the second I entered a new Cave or House there he is standing right behind me.

Horrible too since I leveled up my sneak first, and the second an enemy was around he'd charge in get knocked out within seconds.

Anyways, I remember emailing Bethesda and the reply pretty much said "there's nothing we can do, sorry".

Created 4 more saves since then and the game just wasn't the same...Shame too since it was my favorite back when the PS3 first launched

Gam3s4lif33291d ago

Yea RDR was quite glitchy at times...
that list is quite interesting...I thought MW2 would be up there....

vhero3291d ago

Agree on bethesda games fallout 3 crashes so damn much it's unfunny. I had on PC and PS3 and the constant crashing on both is terrible. It's completely random too just a complete lockup.

Zinc3291d ago

I can only talk about my own experiences... almost no crashes... in fact, I don't think Oblivion crashed even once on me on PC. Fallout 3, less than 5 times. Could be GFW issues for all I know.

zagibu3291d ago

Most broken game ever was Dungeon Lords. Some time during early alpha development of the game, the devs thought: "Heck, we've been at it like 14 months, let's put it out there". And they did.

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SockMaster3292d ago

I think MW2's Multiplayer should get an honourable mention, thats just what i think.
I think anyone who has played the game will (Should) agree! :P
But they mentioned pretty much single player games in that article but hey, thats just me.

TekoIie3292d ago

MW2 isnt glitchy or buggy at all. Its got hackers but every popular game has. If anything FF14 should definatly get number one for the fact that things just dont work and idea's which even the most unpopular RPG's have like fast travel.

SockMaster3292d ago

How was the "Javelin glitch" NOT a glitch?

But Broken? Commando....OMA...super poweful class combinations, gun stats not actually representing the guns power...chopper gunners that absolutley demolish a team, Nukes that end a game?!

I was just saying that the MP was actually broken and probably wont be fixed.

T9X693291d ago

Despite the fact that I hate MW2, the game wasn't technically broken. Glitches like "Javelin Glitch" are glitches exploited by the community to ruin the gaming experience of another player. That glitch didn't happen by its self, it was something you had to do physically. As far as Commando, Chopper Gunner, and Nukes, those are just "cheap" tactics, but the game isn't broken, they work as they was designed to and people just abuse them, i.e. Commando Pro, Lightweight, and Marathon.

A broken game would be Fallout 3 GOTY on PS3. I played the 360 version (Regular, not GOTY) and never experienced any game breaking glitches, on the PS3 however it was a total joke. My game would randomly freeze, frame rate was downright horrible in Point Lookout, sometimes in my game would freeze for 3-5min when entering V.A.T.S. SOCOM Confrontation is another example, an online only game broken and unplayable the day it hits store shelfs, not to mention almost unplayable for some time after the release. Those are broken games, MW2 was just exploited by the community, which can happen with any popular game, the single player and Spec Ops mode worked perfectly fine.

NoOoB1013291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

At T9x69
If you mention Socom being broken but not Modern warfare then that's just stupid. you said the javelin glitch was because of the community, and Socom wasn't? Socoms glitches were exploited by the community as well, but a glitch is a glitch no matter if its MP or Sp. Socom devs actually fixed the game quite a bit unlike MW2.
I'm not saying Socom was very good when it came out because it wasn' was a mess. But the devs did fix a lot of stuff.
As for Fallout 3, I didn't experience many problems on the ps3 version. That V.A.T.S. thing never happened to me, but the frame rate was low on point lookout, and only froze maybe twice during my time with the game.

T9X693291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

No SOCOM's glitches wasn't because of the community, you would start up the game and couldn't connect to the servers, game would freeze, saves getting corrupt, when you finally could get into a match sometimes you could lose connection to the server and be back at the main menu. Those are game breaking glitches that a player has no control over, the Javelin Glitch in MW2 wasn't in every game and didn't happen because of the game itself, but rather the people who choose to do it. IW did fix this issue as well as other glitches that ruined the online portion of the game. If you booted up MW2 on launch day, you could fully play any part of the game without any type of game breaking glitches, SOCOM on the other hand, you could not. There's a difference between game breaking glitches that actually make the game unplayable, and someone using glitches to ruin the game making it less fun for others.

Also, did you have the GOTY edition of Fallout 3 for PS3, or the regular one? I bought the GOTY edition for PS3 because I never bought the DLC on Xbox and wanted to start fresh so I got it for PS3. I know I wasn't the only one having issues because I went to official forums for the game thinking it might have been my disc, only to find out everyone was having similar problems.

Those are actually more recent, and if you notice, most of the threads are about the GOTY edition and freezing issues which I had tons of. I honestly couldn't tell you how many times I had to hard reset my PS3 just to complete that game and once I did, I took it back to Gamestop and got my money back because it was so broken.

@Snakefist30 - Yes I did say that, and 99% that is true. I've only played a very few multiplatforms on PS3, FNR4, BFBC2, UFC 2010, Fallout 3 GOTY, and Battlefield 1943 only because I got it for free. Check my PSN and you will see those games and only those, the rest are exclusives, then check my GT and notice how many newer and older multiplatform games are listed. I don't always have problems with my PS3, problems with PS3 games, yes sometimes, but the system no. The only problem I've had with my PS3 is the web browser freezing all the time if you use it more than 10 min.

Snakefist303291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

I am sure T9X69 once said he always play multiplatform games on his xbox 360 just check his comment history.BTW I never had any problem with Fallout 3 GOTY on PS3 same goes to RDR.But I did hav some problems with soccom.He always has problems with his ps3.

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SockMaster3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

1. A minor malfunction, mishap, or technical problem
That above is the meaning of the word "glitch" the "Javelin Glitch" WAS a technical problem...and was exploited by the community.
I can only partly agree with what you said, but its broken in the fact that people exploited that broken part of the game and made it what it is today!
I bought Fallout 3 for the PS3 aswell, and it RARELY froze on me and i only remember encountering one bug which affected me in the slightest it was an awesome game.

Supman3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

1. halo reach.
lol jk, the real number 1 should
be sonic the hedgehog ps3/x360

TheLastGuardian3292d ago

Red Dead Redemption may have tons of glitches for some but the only ones I have run into were online and not very often. The glitches I have seen on youtube were funny and not game breaking at all. They inhance the game imo. I know the author of the article didn't say anything was wrong with the game other than glitches but putting RDR on a list of broken games is just wrong. If it was broken I wouldn't have put over 160 hours into it.

vhero3291d ago

Halo reach because some people get killed by obviously better players and think they must be glitching because I'm the best on the planet *WAHHHHHHHH* :p

c0nnnn3292d ago

should be up there, that game is a mess if you were a big fan of the series

FwanK3292d ago


Dnied3292d ago

sadly, I'm surprised ffxiv isnt up there..