Did Anyone Pick Up Medal Of Honor?

Frag Crunch writes "Medal Of Honor was released today, and I was on my way to my local Gamestop and decided to call ahead first to see if the lines were long for the Medal Of Honor midnight launch. Well it seems that wasn’t the case."

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360RRODFIX3020d ago

what is this junk, blogs are not allowed

Game-ur3020d ago

It only had more than a half million pre orders just in north America, will probably sell 2 million worldwide in the first week alone.

evrfighter3020d ago

i played it for an hour on my pc... bad

i won't even finish the single player.

ill try multiplayer tomorrow

DirtyLary3019d ago

I went right to the multiplayer.
Plays like a BC2 expansion, as expected.
Can't complain for the price I got it, free thanks EA STORE screw up.

GoldPS33020d ago

No! I never was interested in the game.

Redrum0593020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

gotta say, the mp is a bit fun, but overall i expected a bit more from this game.

i guess its my fault for getting too hyped up.

DelbertGrady3020d ago

If blogs aren't allowed then 80% of N4G has to go.

I'm getting my copy tomorrow. Can't wait. The multiplayer is what I'm most interested in but the SP seems solid as well.

moparful993020d ago

I feel I must warn people.. Medal of honor shares none of its mechanics in common with call of duty or halo.. Controls are near identical as far as inputs but the actual mechanics of approaching the game is much different.. First of all those lone wolf modern warfare players are going to be chewed up and spit out.. YOu cannot run buck wild and get all kinds of kills.. YOu will be dropped, the maps are huge and there aren't alot of free standing structures to hide inside of... You have to move from rock to tree to hill etc and constantly be aware of your surroundings.. Once I realized this the game was a blast and I'm hooked.. Its far more balanced and not as glitchy or broken as modern warfare 2... Love the mp...

Ju3019d ago

^^ Who do you want to sell this to, these days?

Me and you, but not the other 10M shooter fanatics, I guess. Petty, this.

frostypants3019d ago

Sounds a lot like BFBC2. Just with smaller maps and non-destructible buildings.

I don't see the selling point of this game.

moparful993019d ago

While the game is made by dice and it has the frostbite engine just like bfbc2 it still manages to obtain its own identity.. Sound wise this game has no parrallel but the controls are tight and the tension and adrenaline rush that you get running from cover to cover trying to flank or gain a better vantage point while bullets zing around you and explosions echo all around is just something to behold... I dont know I like this better then bfbc2 to be honest.

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tinybigman3020d ago

i bought it, i don't let others decide for me what games to play.

finbars753020d ago

Im with you on that one.This is a great game and I couldnt stop playing at all when I picked it up.Great teamplay great SP cant go wrong with this game from the 9hours straight I played of it.Dont let people decide for you just buy because you want to.COD clone not in this lifetime.It has an identity of its own.Good job Dangerclose and Dice.

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gfrag3020d ago Show
awiseman3020d ago

none of your bezzwax<<<<LOL

bviperz3020d ago

Intriguing story and a nice change of pace is why I bought it.

raztad3020d ago

I have a friend that picked it up, and it is having a blast with it. He told me the game is really good, definitely not a 6/10.

Pedobear Rocks3020d ago

No one picked up Medal of Honor.


(FFS how about a properly structure question once in awhile)

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