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GT writes:

Is there enough room in the fox hole for one more Medal of Honor? Find out in the official GameTrailers review of Medal of Honor.

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TrevorPhillips3291d ago

skipping this one and getting black ops instead.

Chubear3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

Skipping both, getting GT5... until the Ultimate FPS War Simulator comes out in Feb as Killzone3 :)

But back to this review. If you're bread and butter genre is military FPSs or FPSs in general then why wouldn't you go get and play this?

Oh, cause reviewers say 8/10. If you've been looking forward to this and have seen all the gameplay and interviews and it's just like MW types, why would you skip it cause of reviewers?

Go play and enjoy your gaming and stop having these editorial reviewers dictate YOUR gaming experiences. It's really very sad what's happened to the gaming community being slaves, being manipulated by reviews from game sites that have financial benefits to reviews.

@ below
lol, yeah just like you missed Harriers and M-16a4's in WWII on Normandy :/ lol, what's your point? War is War.

Yeah, you all know CoD#286499 or MoH come nowhere near the viceral FPS you'll get on KZ3 and if you don't have a PS3 I can see why you would want to play up yet another CoD game to make you and your buddies feel better awww :( lol

Go get a PS3 and you would have to cry about not experiencing the very best FPS experience any FPS fan can have - KILLZONE3 BABY, WOOOOOOOT! :D

Kingdom Come3291d ago

Sorry, I must have missed the Jet-Packs in Iraq...

ndibu3291d ago

Now I've heard it all.

darkcharizard3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

I bet all you shooter fans will be really helpful in Iraq :P

Game-ur3291d ago

MOH GT5 KZ3 and many more, but no Black Ops for me.

KillerPwned3291d ago

Killzone is a Simulator! AWESOME!!!!!!!! I never knew that!

jjank113291d ago

Not sure how Killzone can ever be called a "War Simulator"....maybe it adds a few realistic elements that the likes of Halo, COD or MOH don't have but it is certainly not a "War Simulator".
If you want "War Simulator" then you should probably look more to ArmA, Operation Flashpoint and Battlefield.

TreMillz3291d ago

But cmon, ultimate war simulator? As far as i know the only game to show similarity to war is SOCOM.

Off Topic: Guys i need help got $30 to blow so of these best choices plz:

Demon's Souls
Your recommended pick for $40 and under

Btw its PS3 since bro has the box

visualb3291d ago

I think you mean capturing the tension of war the best, which it arguably does, but its far from a simulator, its just incredibly realistic in terms of immersion and atmosphere.

i find it pathetic that people are putting this game down and hoping cod "wins"

why? did kotick come to your house last night and polish your monkey? come on!

good review, decent game I guess

gypsygib3291d ago

Killzone 2 feels like your actually in a war more so than any other FPS game except BFBC2 that I've played but not obviously not a contemporary war. Maybe it because of the graphical effects (a lot of smoke, debris, partial-destructable environments) and 32 players.

raztad3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

I totally love MAG and wouldnt hesitate to recomend it, however Demons Souls is a game that should be experienced by every gamer, warning it is very challenging.

Both MAG and DS will get you a lot for those $30.

Regarding MoH. I feel the game has some potential the devels were afraid/didnt want to fully tap. Putting aside technical flaws, like the use of UE3. A two player coop campaign would have been great, and fits very well the game considering you spend a big deal of the game playing with AI teammates. Also why so linear?, some branching paths, different ways to engage helps a lot. A longer SP campaign would have been very much appreciated, 5 hours in hard sounds like the SP was tacked on.

A 8/10 is not a bad score, and judging by the state of the art in the genre, this is what the game deserves. It would be a good purchase later next year.

Roozium3291d ago


War simulator? I didn't know that the war world was 40 colors of brown.

cyborg69713291d ago

At least your not shooting pretty purple darts at a shimmering blue super soldier. If you want lack of color play gears. The color klz was chosen because of what planet they were on.

sikbeta3290d ago

KZ3D = Futuristic First Person War Simulator


damnyouretall3290d ago

only thing killzone has going for it is graphics. gameplay is horrific. its like a very very very beautiful woman,,,,,,,with a dick !!

RedDead3290d ago

Incredible how stupid fanboys can be

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Gago3291d ago

and this game was supposed to "kill" COD LOLOL

duplissi3290d ago

COD killed itself, wait no kotick killed COD.

vhero3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

I just don't know how it can be so bad after Bad Company 2 was so great? Way better than MW2 (I had both). Then again this is a different competition between EA and activision. They only judge COD on multiplayer and judge EA games on the full game.. Shame really. I mean they even knock the game down for being linear... Like COD is open world single player??? They also complain about campaign time being 4-5 hours... COD MW2 was the same... And no doubt Black ops will be..

Wii360BeatsPS33291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

Black Ops for the win. This game never stood a chance going head to head with Black Ops.

MoH got BITCH SLAPPED and BEARD SLAPPED at the same time.

divideby03291d ago

COD yawn... camp, shoot, move....

COD is the madden of shooters, every year a game, every year the same ol same ol

bought last COD, not the next one

DarkFantasy3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

was call of duty ever meant to change its a shooter..and black ops has changed call of duty, features wise but really what"change" are you waiting for ? ..iv never understood,sequels don't really change that much..all i want from cod is more guns and customizations don't like cod don't buy it there are many other shooters out there to play other then cod,i don't think i will be getting MOH because i didn't like the beta at all and the maps where horrible imoi will stick with BFBC2,but i will most likely be getting black oops for split-screen online( that was the deciding factor for me)

visualb3291d ago

now i've seen everything.

-IronMan-3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

Skipped MW2 got BC2 instead. Getting Medal of Honor and skipping Black Ops. Only noobs like autoaim like in MW2 and Black Ops. Medal of Honor u have to aim just like BC2.

vickers5003291d ago

Not really. If you've played MoH or the beta, or have even seen any multiplayer footage of it, you would know it has plenty of auto aim.

And no, not only noobs like auto aim. What about people that like both Bad Company 2 AND MW2?

Battlefield and Call of Duty games cant really be compared since they are two VERY different types of game styles. Battlefield is an objective team based kind of game, which is fun, but I don't want to be doing the same thing all the freaking time. Call of Duty is about being the lone wolf super infantry man, more of an arcadey style of gameplay, which is also fun.

People who like very tactical games CAN enjoy casual games as well ya know, and just because YOUR interest is only limited to tactical games, does not mean you are a better player/gamer.

fan_of_gaming3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

lol don't see why people feel they have to skip this one for Black Ops, why not just get both

vickers5003291d ago

Because Call of Duty is popular, and to the majority of the N4G community, if something is popular, then it must suck (unless it's popular on this site).

DelbertGrady3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

I haven't been into COD before but I'm probably getting Black Ops. I hate the scripted re-spawning enemies in the SP of COD but the MP looks good. MOH arrives in my mail tomorrow.

Sez 3291d ago

Anyone knows if the pc version will support mods?

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