Why I Stopped Buying Games

The Big Pixels examines why the days of paying full price for a game are long gone.

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joeyda3297d ago

I wish I could use Gamefly... I just can't stand waiting 4 months for a game I really want.

aubradley3297d ago

Meh, there aren't many games I need to play RIGHT NOW so I don't mind waiting.

joeyda3297d ago

If I don't play them immediately, I will physically collapse and die.

LoVeRSaMa3297d ago


I can often get them for much cheaper on release anyway and I get to play the games I love.

Elimin83297d ago

I find myself more geared towards PSN titles as opposed to Retail. PSN titles I feel give you more bang for your buck. PSN titles are cheap yet offer you same amount if not more content for what Retail $60. offers. DeathSpank 1,2 are perfect examples. at least 8 hrs of gameplay for $15 where as you get 6-8 for $60.....

MrMccormo3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

I have a Gamefly account and it's nice, but it does suck when you want to play a specific game and they don't send it to you.

However, it's perfect for playing 1-2 year old games en masse, as long as you aren't too hung up on owning them.

FragGen3296d ago

He makes some great points and even fails to mention yet another upside to his strategy. Avoiding the DLC nonsense/raping. By lagging release dates on stuff you DO decide to buy by a long period, you can get the "GotY" edition with all of that DLC everyone paid ten bucks a pop for usually at a total package price lower than the original game by itself.

As long as it isn't a multiplayer game where it has a "hot" window where you can easily get online matchups, I'm going this route.

So, this year, I'm looking at Borderlands and Fallout 3 GotY editions instead of New Vegas and Lord of Shadows.

BubbleSystemSuck3297d ago

some times and "I" article is aproved, and 99% not?

No FanS Land3297d ago

I think you're talking about the fact it's a blog article, which are normally not allowed on n4g. but hey, it's n4g.

darkcharizard3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

"I" = Opinion Piece.

This "I" "Article" got approved. Get it?

Matthew943297d ago

i loved the gamestop idea

might try it

Spinal3297d ago

I stopped buying full price games even tho I want to play some of them like (Mafia 2, Dantes Inferno etc) playing WoW keeps me happy whhilst i wait for prices to go down. I bought my God of War 3 for 19.99 an my uncharted 2 for the same price. Only certain games get day one purchase from me like Halo reach did. An next force unleashed 2

maxcer3297d ago

thats what i do too, except games like BFBC2 or games that will have a big online component. any single player game will be bought @ $15-$30. im still waiting for GoW3 to hit $20 in my area.

Spinal3297d ago

I aslo bought bad company 2 day one for my Pc 24.99 limited eition too. I only shop online either Game or Best prices you can find.

An i absolutely agree online multiplayers Could get day one purchases but sinle player games can wait lol.

FragGen3296d ago

I'm with you, man. But FYI in reference to your GoW3 comment. That's one of the awesome things about Gamefly, they discount their prices on used stuff MUCH faster than Gamestop. I picked up GoW3 from them for $23 delivered. Their Gamefly rewards dollars loyalty program is great, too, because it translates into serious discounts on an already low price.

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The story is too old to be commented.