GamesRadar: Super Scribblenauts Review

GamesRadar writes: "Before we jump headfirst into this whole “Super Scribblenauts review” business, let us engage in a brief history lesson. Developer 5th Cell released their original Scribblenauts game in 2009 to Nintendo DS gamers with mammoth expectations due to the gigantic amounts of hype the developer garnered at E3 of that year. The reason for this is that the game featured an ambitious concept where players could summon any sort of object they could think of (animals, people, buildings, kitchen utensils, whatever) by simply typing its name and could then use said objects to solve various puzzles. The game had a fanbase before it was even released."

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MrMccormo3296d ago

I love Scribblenauts! I can't wait to play this game.