Videogamer: Medal of Honor Review

Videogamer writes: "wadi, covering your squad mates' approach with suppressive fire on an enemy machine gun encampment. Dust is being kicked up by running and bullets, and the piecing glare of the red-hot sun is so bright it makes looking far into the horizon impossible. You're a long way from home, soldier, and the emotional toll must surely be immense. As you zero your sights on another distant bogey you gently squeeze the trigger before being greeted by a big ol' headshot notification icon popping up at the bottom of the screen. This is war."

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Wii360BeatsPS33288d ago

Needs more nukes and weed slogans if it wants to compete with COD.

ThatIrishGamer3288d ago

because they can't marathon, lightweight, commando UMP around the map like a super soldier, or possibly replace UMP most overpowered gun ever with TWO SHOTGUNS , one in each hand that would actually rip the arms off a normal sprinting troop.

BloodyNapkin3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

Is nobody seeing a pattern here? Cause planetxbox gave it a 7.7 and they was trashed for it, but in reality i really think people are being generous to the game. To the guy above, if it isn't fun it isn't fun regardless of "weed slogans and nukes". Funny you mention that cause you can not play a game of MW2 on the PS3 without someone with weed or 420 in their name.

Thecraft19893288d ago

Wii360BeatsPS3 most FPS made in last 10 years are better than cod. COD's only achievement is attracting millions of noobs and retards and getting them to pay £40-£130 for a game that's full glitches has short ass story.