Giant Bomb: Medal of Honor Review

"Medal of Honor has some strong moments, but overall it feels like a game that could have been a lot better. Most of the issues I experienced while playing feel like things that could have--and should have--been avoided. But all of those scripting bugs and boring unlockables quickly add up, death-of-a-thousand-cuts style. In the absolutely ruthless world of online shooters, there's little room for weakness. Medal of Honor alternates between its derivative style and its annoying technical glitches way too frequently to rise above the crowd."

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Stuart57563293d ago

Well the reviews don't look so good, I was going to buy it too.

FCOLitsjustagame3293d ago

I read a PC review and they indicated you are not so much playing the game as watching the game be played. They compared it to being the little brother being dragged behind the big kids and not being able to do any of the cool stuff.

So if I get this at all it will be when its nice and cheap. Pitty too as the graphics look really good.

vodny3293d ago

Well, most of the FPS these days are the same: "you are not so much playing the game as watching the game be played". That's the biggest problem of todays FPSs. It's all about the "film feeling" and that's why I hate scripting so much. In Half-Life it was something new, fresh and not disturbing at all, but today the games as a whole feel much more like interactive movie than a proper game.

FCOLitsjustagame3293d ago

Most games are decent at hiding it though. The last game I really had that feeling from was COD3. I loved COD2 I felt like I was in a war but in COD3 I felt like I was in a war movie. COD4 fixed that of course... I dont remember my feelings of [email protected] so much. Also, I didnt feel that way with REACH.

PS360fanboy3293d ago

The reviews are mixed...I was hoping this to be the series' revival. Sales will dictate it, not reviews though.

Demo now!

Vip3r3293d ago

MoH died after Allied Assault.