Kotaku - Medal of Honor Review

Based on real battles fought in Afghanistan in 2002, Medal of Honor has you taking on the role of rangers and other Tier 1 operators as they fight their way through enemy territory on the hunt for Taliban encampments.

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Carlos_Irwin_Estevez3289d ago

whether the game is as good as the beard is not certain, but buying MOH is alot better than supporting the beardless crap that is Call Of Duty.

Nineball21123289d ago

To the best of my knowledge, Kotaku doesn't give number scores to their reviews.

I'm not sure where this 4/5 came from? Am I missing something?

BloodyNapkin3289d ago

How does he figure it is taking COD directly on when it is coming out a month before it?

ColdAssassin3289d ago

Kotaku doesn't use numbers in their reviews, where the hell did the number come from?

EliteAssass1n3289d ago

what happened to kotaku's Loved & Hated type of reviews?

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