PSP2: everything you need to know

Tech Radar: For its part, Sony Computer Entertainment remains defiantly tight-lipped on the arrival of the PSP2. So here's a round-up of what we know, what we've heard and what the games rumour mill has said about the next version of Sony's PSP handheld console to date.

Note that this page will be constantly updated as new information comes to light.

UPDATE: The PSP2 is real.

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Jerk1203294d ago

The PSP2 is real? No shit, Einstein.

ABizzel13293d ago

It would be wise of Sony to go ahead and continue using Cell, and add it to the PSP2/PSPhone. Most developers have had enough experience with the PS3's hardware, and the PS3 is currently at an affordable price.

The 3DS is rumored to be $250 - $300, and by holiday 2011 we can expect the PS3 to drop down to at least $250.

Which is more than affordable for the PSP2/PSPhone to use the same technology that powered the PS3.

Before the complaints of hardware cost hit let me counteract them.

Sony will have to spend more on adding a screen, and possibly phone capabilities, 3G, HDMI out, powerful battery, and other features.

But at the same time they don't have to worry about adding a disc drive, an expensive GPU, the Cell processor should have a remodel by then using less power and cheaper manufacturing cost also helping with battery issues, 512MB of RAM cost practically nothing now (I feel they should use 1GB if they're going to make it a phone so they can have a dedicated number of RAM for gaming only), as well as other ways to ut cost such as less material to design the hardware, and controls being designed into the hardware.

But Sony could also go the cheaper route and make a $199 PSP2/PSPhone which would be less powerful than what I described, but still be comparable to iPhone etc...

ABizzel13293d ago

At the end of the day I want my PSP2/PSPhone to have gaming experiences on par with game like God of War 2 HD Collection. That game is the perfect example of what I expect from the PSP2/PSPhone. 60fps, 720p, AA, action packed, and beautiful combat "for a handheld".

Pedantic913294d ago

Go ahead and announce it already Sony !