Awesome Vanquish Speed Run

Vanquish is a different breed of shooter. This is a game that takes a little while to get your head around. For instance, while it does have a cover system, you're not meant to rely on it. Similarly, while you're running around with squadmates, you're the advanced superweapon and they're largely disposable.

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xino3289d ago

This is not how it's meant to be played, sure he did a good speed run.

My fastest time is 4:21 or is it 5:21? and others have done earlier than that. So this doesn't even come as average.

If you are to speed run this game, you shouldn't have time to run or duck cover (unless you need to recover). You are constantly meant to evade and slow mo.

ECM0NEY3288d ago

This game looks pretty sick though.