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NowGamer reviews Medal Of Honor on PS3 - "‘Respect for the soldier’ – it’s something that we’ve heard every time anything new came to light about this reboot of the Medal Of Honor franchise. The closest we’ve come to ‘respect’ for soldiers in recent years – at least from a mainstream perspective – is turning them into superheroes, super spies and general super men. Honestly, we weren’t expecting much more from Danger Close’s approach to the subject matter."

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MGRogue20173022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

... It got a higher rating than the 360 version? wtf..

XXXCouture3022d ago

frontline maybe? = more content

darkcharizard3022d ago

Did this get a higher score than 360's version?

SoulMisaki3022d ago

it's because PS3 is the lead console for development. So of course it runs a little better on it, since it was later only ported to the 360.

BubbleSystemSuck3022d ago

what is extrange?
why can not?

moparful993022d ago

I dunno I have the ps3 version and I would give it an 8... It took me some time to get used to the multiplayer but before long I was racking up kills.. My favorite mode is the one where a team defends while the other team attacks.. Its alot of fun and the game feels a little more balanced then modern warfare 2 was....

niceguywii603021d ago

Why do you PS3 fanboys try and flame based on reviews from this site as if you actually really think the way they score the PS3 versions of games actually mean the PS3 version is always better?

NowGamer scores games for each platform with different people so the person grading the PS3 versions always scores the PS3 version better I don't know if it's simply the way they do things or if it's agenda driven.

PS3 Reviewer: Ian Dransfield

360 Reviewer: Dan Howdle

Either the guys grading the 360 versions of games are always giving lower scores because they are hardasses and are too picky or the site does this on porpose in a low key pro Sony agenda.

XXXCouture3021d ago

you sure are a nice guy huh

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ForzaGT3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

wow a jump of 2 for the ps3 version

fastrez3022d ago

PS3 is the lead platform for Medal Of Honor

They announced that fact at GDC 10, here's a news link:

Sounds like the Xbox 360 port was rushed, which is a shame that 360 owners may be short changed as a result.

Ares84PS33022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

But when tons of games where made for the 360 first and than ported to the PS3 it was all fine and they called the PS3 a pice of shit and showed screenshot comparisons of how much better the 360 is.

Also, most multiplat games on the PS3 got lowers scores because the graphics looked better on the 360 and the controlls where better on the 360 according to the reviewers. Thus, fueling the fanboy wars and giving tons of amo to the 360 owners.

Karma is a bitch.....