Kinect SOLD OUT at GAME in UK

With US stores already selling out of their initial shipment the same is happening in the UK as well.


From GAME: PLEASE NOTE: Kinect, the amazing new gizmo for Xbox 360, is selling out fast. We've already hit our limit for launch but you can still preorder with us right here at for a priority place in the queue. As soon as we have more stock in, we will make sure we get your order to you.

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Omega43290d ago

Im glad I preordered way back in July/August. MS best make sure they can produce enough to meet demand especially if they want to reach 3/4ml by year end.

Hades13373290d ago

Perhaps the first peripheral to have the same sort of demand at launch as a console. Hats off to Microsoft.

Christopher3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

*confused look*

*opens his order page*

*sees his order for a single Move wand still set to be delivered at the end of October, early November*

*confused look*

People, it's not hard for them to be sold out when the stores upon release are currently only set to have but a few in each one. We're not talking a console release where they have millions available at release in every area. It's a much smaller number.

This isn't due to how totally awesome Kinect is, it's due to low initial stock quantities.

Adva3290d ago

Off-topic: is sold out on Move controller.

Zir03290d ago

I wouldn't say 500K for just the UK is "low initial stock". That is very impressive for one region where its priced so high at £130.

BrutallyBlunt3289d ago

How do you know what it's due to when we have no idea of how many they are getting in the first place. Bringing up Move does you no help.

I'm glad people are supporting the market, whether it's motion controls or not. It means it's not stagnated and it needs to constantly grow.

FriedGoat3289d ago

I wouldn't trust a company that cant spell natal properly.

LoydX-mas3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

I wouldn't trust a company that can't spell "blue" properly.

Rush3289d ago

I wouldn't trust someone that can't spell supercalafragalisticexpialados hus correctly but as it's not in the dictionary it doesn't matter tard.

captain-obvious3289d ago

depends on how much they actually have from the start

Anon19743289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

Um...this is an advert.
How did this get approved? It's the advert for Kinect on GAME's website. How the hell did this end up on news? Hey, BestBuy is selling Kinect too! If I linked to their ads on their websites, could I submit that as news?

And it's not even sold out on the site! Nowhere does it say it's sold out. When I click to add it to the basket it doesn't say it's sold out anywhere. In fact, it has a ship date of 10-Nov-2010.

And even if it was sold out, did they get 2 Kinect's per store? 5? 10? We have no way of knowing. If they only had 2 units, it would sell out - but that's not a good thing.

What a fail posting. They need to find every single one of those guys who approved this and strip them of their approval privileges. This is ridiculous.

Biggest3289d ago

"Perhaps the first peripheral to have the same sort of demand at launch as a console. Hats off to Microsoft."

The worst part about your comment is that you know how awesome Kinect is not. Wow, dude.

DOMination3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

I work for game and we had 170 preorders

KingME3289d ago

Seriously dude, do you ever stop b!tching and whining. Everytime I read one of your comments you are complaining about something. Oh, I stand corrected, everytime I read one of your comments concerning MS or the 360, all you ever do is whine and complain. I don't think I have ever remotely heard of you making such comments about Sony. (Just an observation)

I get it though, you don't want to here about Kinect's success and it just pisses you off, so like a juvenile you lash out.

@DOMination - Is there only one GAME in the UK. If not, you're telling us that you have managed to add up all the preorders for the entire franchise. So, where do you work at game Accounting? Merchandise? Or are you just another shelf stocker making stuff up.

Just asking.

douchedebater3289d ago

I'll help you out with that.

There is a total of 441 GAME stores in the UK and Erie area.

So, perhaps DOM... is speaking of his store only which is pointless being that that would be one store out of 441. (Or, I don't what his point was suppose to be.)

DOMination3289d ago

My point was darkride was suggesting each store was only getting one or two preorders and thats simply not the case

douchedebater3289d ago

Thanks DOM... for the clarification. Bubbles.

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Chromer3289d ago

You sir are blindly optimistic about Kinect. People have yet to actually play the thing and I highly doubt 3-4 million people are just going to blindly jump and buy something they know nothing about. That's where Move's strength lies. People have some semblance of how Move works. They see the Wii and know the Move is similar. The commercials for Kinect not only not show people actually playing the game, it's vagueness is going to be thing that kills it. I'm sure people and Xbox faithfuls will get suckered in and buy a Kinect but once people start seeing it for what it is, the truth will be revealed.

Also before you start calling me a Sony fanboy, I own both a PS3 and 360 and enjoy them both very much.

Mustang300C20123289d ago

So u have forgot or unaware that Kinect has been available to the public not only at events but through places like Macy's and beta testers? You act like it is just simply hard concept to understand u are the controller. This product has been in the news since e3 09. When they announced the price this year a e3, it was fighting 1 and 2 spot with the 360 slim. People know what the product can do. Word has web getting out.

douchedebater3289d ago

Open your closed mind a bit, the concept of something new is what drives people not something familiar. Instead of Move having an advantage for being a copy of the wii-mote, it's would actually be a disadvantage, as most people would say why buy a PS3 and 150.00 with of move controllers if I already own a wii. Move will only appeal to people that don't have a wii that is also a graphics whore. Otherwise they will purchase the cheaper version of motion controls of that sort.

As for Kinect, I think curiosity and the simplicity of grandma being able to play a game with her grandson and not have to figure out a controller is a compelling point for Kinect.

I bought Move on launch day, and not trying to be a butt here, but that's also the last time I have played it. I did buy Heavy Rain, and will probably play it using move this winter. But I'm really not as excited about it as I thought I would be.

Perhaps I will do the same thing about Kinect, But I am definitely more excited about Kinect than I am Move.

Just my opinion.

baodeus3289d ago

Actually, if the move can't distinguish it self from the wii (" They see the Wii and know the Move is similar") whith a much higher price tag, not to include many people already bought the wii, i don't see how that would help Move. People get buzz with new technology or at least promoted as such (even if it is a little more expansive), not something similar that are selling at a much higher price tag.

Would most customers think that if something similar come out later, it should be cheaper?

RIP_Weazel3289d ago

Didn't I read somewhere that Microsoft had deliberately held back supplies, and released eye-wateringly limited amounts to retail to encourage just this type of positive publicity?


Sniff, sniff. Media b*llshi*ters.

josh143993290d ago

there is gonna be a lot of disappointed people (when they realise its crap). i want microsoft to focus on making decent games instead of crap that involves you dancing in front of your tv.

BrutallyBlunt3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

What is wrong with Microsoft expanding it's market? After all the XBOX360 has been criticized of being a shooter console.

So what may be crap to you may be a lot of enjoyment to others. If it sells well then obviously there is a demand for it. So sit back and enjoy the ride and stop being such a negative nanny. There are tons of games out there for the more serious gamer on various platforms like the Playstation 3, PC and so on. Plus Microsoft is not abandoning the existing userbase, they are just trying to capture a larger audience.

LoydX-mas3289d ago

For every person here on N4G that thinks Kinect games are crap, I am willing to bet there are equal amounts of people who don't.

Casual gamers always outnumber hardcore gamers. The Wii proves this.

The Meerkat3290d ago

Will a US kinect work in the UK?

52pickup3290d ago Show
limewax3290d ago

Local GAME has said for the last few weeks they have more stock than pre-orders. Will be very shocked if these actually sell out, if they do then MS have pulled a Sony and understocked, there is no way these are actually going to 'sell out' in the way the PS2 ruined christmas for every little boy who wasnt fast enough to get one. How many were actually brought into the country? These arent going to be selling by the millions as MS seem to think, January's bargain bin will prove that

DontShoot-Me-Bro3290d ago

Where does it say sold out or anything along them lines even.

all it says is pre order for release.

limewax3289d ago

read the title, pretty sure its something along those lines.....

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