Final Xbox 360 Fat Red Rings and is Out of Warranty from MS

"It was inevitable, yet we continued to hope against hope and turn a blind eye to the truth. Our little trooper fought against all the odds and stuck it out over the years while his comrades fell by the waste-side one after another. Go Fanboy's final Xbox 360 fat (Pre 2010 E3 model) has played it's last game. We admit we're a little frustrated that we can't revive him one more time, but according to MS, he lasted too long since his last repair to be within their window of warranty."

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BeaRye3288d ago

lulz at the Boyz 2 Men video.

VG_Releaser3288d ago

Good. Should have known better.

GunShotEddy3288d ago

Very mature. Why even say that? no matter what your preference is, you shouldn't hope other people's hard earned money goes to waste.

vgchica3288d ago

My original 360 still works with no problem at all.

Smootherkuzz3288d ago

We have had our moments together over the years some good,some bad and the love is ever strong and the good over shadow the bad,I hope our bond together will go on for many years to come --- Love that Box